Winners NEVER “Wait” and “Waiters” Never Win

What are you “waiting” for?????????????

Get Moving, STOP “waiting” and START Doing Ladies…………..

MOST single women need to learn and really understand how this game is being played NOWADAYS. IF a/any good single woman continues to sit and just “wait” on the sidelines for opportunities when it comes to receiving a good man then they are going to lose to those “assertive” good single women who are actually stepping up, BEING women playing IN the game AND scoring. This is really the ONLY way to find and keep a good man NOWADAYS for good single women who are in the dating game looking. Single women (in TODAY’s times) completely fail to realize that they don’t have time to be “waiting” around for a good man and especially for a so called “real man”. That old fashioned “waiting” mentality is a thing of the past ladies, I’m sorry. Why??? Well let’s let just evaluate the demographics of women to men in America. For every 88 single men there are like 100 single women (AND who are looking). So in other words, the competition is becoming much TOO heavy of good “decisive” single women who desire the same things as other good “waiting” single women. Which do you think will be more successful in their mission of finding, attracting, and keeping a good man?????

I’m not sure if its laziness and/or because of the fear of rejection but either way it go, single women (especially “good” single women) who have been single for long periods of time need to completely CHANGE something in order for their outcomes to change. I’m a firm believer of, we have to SEEK what we desire in life, period. I hear sooooooooooooooooooooooooo’ many single women say, “I’m waiting on God to send me a man” but how do you know he hasn’t already TRIED to send you one but you completely ignored it? Plus, you have to give him SOMETHING to work with as well. Ask yourself: What are YOU doing to attract a good or real man? We can’t just “expect” God to give us things for nothing or “just because”. Are you putting yourself IN positions to get approached? Are you putting yourself IN positions to find and/or keep a good man??? These are some of the things single women should really think about when attracting and keeping a good man. Even though “real men” ARE not the “typical” masses of guys, there are some out here but real women who SAY they want a real man have to sometimes step up and BE a REAL woman in order to find and keep “real” men.

In life, MOST of the time, people who “wait” for things usually never get what they truly desire simply because they have a “if it comes it comes, but if not then I’ll just continue to wait again” mentality. As the old saying goes, “doing the same things over and over again but expecting a different result is insanity”. A good single woman who is looking have to go out and somehow SEEK what they desire. Life rewards the “go-getters” and never the waiters. People who “wait” for things in life usually end up getting whats been left over and/or things that’s last on the menu. Never have this type of mentality ladies. You will miss out on all types of opportunities that God MIGHT have been TRYING sending you all along so pay attention to signs. A good single woman want to be the one IN the front of the race CHOOSING and getting the man she wants rather than what someone else DIDN’T want. Understand that by having the option to proactively choose a good man (from jump) from another good woman will always put the choosing woman IN an authoritive position compared to another woman who is just “waiting” for that same man.

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