Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losers

Here are 5 Main Reasons Why Women Date Losers

#1.) Some feel the need to be Rebellious

A lot of good women tend to date, talk to and/or associate with guys who tend to “live on the edge” and some women tend to get a real kick out of that, not realizing the repercussions it brings until it’s too late. Women who talk to guys like this is definitely not healthy for them and women subconsciously know this. The only problem is, most women don’t think logically, they tend just think emotionally.

It kind of puts me in the mind of that “Bonnie and Clyde” movie where even though she was 100% down for her man (“a bad boy”), she paid the price with her life in the end.  Women tend to date reckless guys mainly for the thrill and the excitement.  Some women tend to go through this stage but unfortunately there are a lot of women who tend to STAY in this stage with men.

#2.) Lack of a Father Figure

There are some women who have grew up without a father figure in their lives so they tend to look for a father figure role in “bad boy” guys. The only problem is, since these type of women never had an instruction manual of a real responsible father, they have trouble identifying the difference between a positive man figure from a negative one.

Some you see may call their man “daddy”.
The majority of women who date men like this usually didn’t have father figures in the home.

#3.) Masochistic Mentality

Some women will have this “pain is love” type of thing. Some women get pleasure from pain and feel the illusion of suffering from love. In actuality, pain is NOT love and a lot of this comes from a lack of self-identity. Women who truly know who they are know that they don’t have to validate themselves to men for their approval. In these type of women’s minds, taking abuse is a process of earning a man’s affection.

#4.) Having Low Expectations/Standards

Some women who tend to not have themselves together often times shoot low rather than high. Some women might not think that they worthy of having a real or good man who have himself together. Some women are very insecure about themselves so they don’t want to get rejected by men who compliments their value so they go for the “fixer upper” guys.

#5.) Try to Control a Man

Now this one is similar to the last one. These type of women will try to control the relationship by getting a guy whose “needy”. This tends to be like a mother child relationship. They feel like if a man is dependent on a woman then the man won’t go nowhere. The only problem with this is, any woman who can control a man will eventually lose respect for him which in essence will get boring to the woman AND plus, the man will rebel against what she wants him to do anyway. A major downfall to this for women is, even though there may be some grown men who act as boys from time to time but all men still have a natural sense of their masculinity regardless. This is why women need to be secure enough to get with a real man who has himself together (aiming high) rather than always aiming low and trying to control a man.

The reality of it is, when some women say “men ain’t shit”, it’s NOT really that ladies. It’s some women dating CHOICES ain’t shit (just saying). So many women have become comfortable, use to and content with the masses of low valued loser guys, that it makes women feel Uncomfortable having the direct opposite in a man. Men need to BE men, period. This is why it’s very important for women to be logical about their long term dating choices. There are a LOT of “good” and/or “REAL Men” out here, women just look for inferior men that they can control rather than look for REAL MEN who they can actually grow and build with.

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