Why Do Beautiful Girls Want To Be Single For Life-Time?

Women who are good looking and smart often prefer staying single. Many studies support this statement. As per estimates, over 50 percent of women staying in developed countries are working class.

  • Career-oriented women often prefer a career as compared to married life.
  • Studies also indicate that career-oriented women prefer to continue studies for higher education and select to stay single.
  • Women who had a breakup in recent times avoid falling into another relationship quite often.
  • Some women also choose to stay single mothers after divorce or the loss of a partner.

The reasons could be many when it’s about why are so many hot women single in the present time. Here we shall try and focus on a few such reasons.

The feeling of being independent

Hot and smart women often love being independent. This offers benefits as they may not have to fight for their rights with their partners. They may not have to take permission from their spouse to continue working in an office.

For all other tasks as well they would prefer calling up the right services to get things fixed on their own.

Respect for self freedom

It is also certain that by maintaining single status women are more likely to respect their freedom. They may no longer have to take the pain of cooking after work or take care of kids during weekdays. This means that they always have sufficient time for spa and health center training. They can dream of spending their valuable time at the parlor, in their company or shopping.

Economic stability

The real reason why so many hot women are single related to economic freedom. As compared to men, women often are more economically stable. They work and can make better savings. This means that they are well off to take care of their life on their own.

Emotionally stable

By not entering into a hard relationship, women are more stable emotionally. They are educated and stronger mentally. They are aware that they can stay happy if they are single even without having any access to sustenance.

Hot women certainly are not ready to share with any men who do not respect their relationship.

Alternative relationships

Single women often enter alternative relationships. So, why are so many hot women single is because they have other members they care about? It could be a friend, relative, or pet. Women in the present time have high standards. At the same time, they also have high expectations from their lives and themselves.

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