Why Are so Many Smart Women Still Single

It is a complicated and harsh world out there, especially for women with opinions. Women who go on multiple dates and several partners are often associated with bad character. However, the second school of thought mentions that smarter women tend to analyze their options carefully and then go for the right one, even if it is the option to stay single.

Many experts are still working on the question “Why are so many smart women still single” and try to develop a specific theory of their own. After analyzing the mating preferences of more than 5000 men and women through a research survey, a “Clooney Effect” is being observed in the country. Based on Helen Fisher’s statistics, men often look for smart and intelligent women as their partners. However, 87 percent of single women are likely to be brighter than average. They also tend to care less about ‘how to keep husband happy or related things.

Our modern dating coach and experts also suggest that ambitious and high-achieving women may sometimes struggle to have good romantic lives. They believe that this is major because they are used to approaching their dates with more masculine energy. This means that they apply what they learned at work is to be more careful in their dating lives. But relationships can’t be achieved this way, as said by majority of our relationship experts.

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