Why are many good and lovely women still single in their life?

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Ever wondered why many good women remain single for the entire life? First of all, every woman should understand that no matter whether she is a divorcee, widower or have dumped by the partner, it is actually not her mistake and there is no need to feel sad or guilty about it.

Many good and loving women stay single out of fear or feeling of insecurity.  This can be fear of non-acceptance, insecurity of change like a feeling or understanding that a new relationship will change your life and priorities. Also, a fear that whether you will get the same love and care that you will give to your partner. These are just a few names of fears that come to the mind of many women when thinking about love and relationship.

Actually, in many cases, the bad experiences or stories of some family member or close relative leave a dent in women’s mind to that high extent that some make up their minds they fail to prepare themselves for the new relationship. They feel it very hard and challenging to trust a man again.

It is reality, even if a woman is bold and independent, she gets hurt and lost her confidence and as a result, her journey to recovery often becomes longer than expected. That’s why all the bad and negative experiences will require complete healing before that fear or negative attitude eradicates a woman.In fact, there are many other strong reasons Why are Most Good Women Single, and one of them is not ready for adjustment. Yes, it is absolutely true! Many women are just set in their ways and feel happy in it.

This can be to the matter that such independent women are not willing to make the needed adjustments to adapt to the new love. This is perfectly okay for women who are not looking for a man in her life. But the problem is many times some men predict that the woman he likes is set in her life and does not want a partner in their life.

Other problem is some women are so used to a refusal to the point that they can find it embarrassing and challenging to handle someone who is genuine likes or loves them and wants them in their life. Whatever happened in your past life, you should always have a positive attitude towards life.

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