What Makes a Good Woman Attractive to (REAL) Men

What makes a woman attractive could mean a lot of things to different men. I will talk about the average guy verses the more advanced guy…………………..

The Average Guy (like 95% of MOST guys today):

MOST “typical” and simple minded men just care and value what’s mainly on the surface of a woman such as things like the superficial, external beauty. They really could care less about getting to know a woman emotionally. These guys are generally the 3 Date type men where if a woman is not “putting out” by 3 dates then they are gone looking elsewhere. These are the type of guys who think with nothing but their “small heads” rather than their big heads.

The More Advanced Type Man (The 5% Real and/or Good Men):

Real men of means, substance and resources know better. Real men might look for the external beauty yes BUT ultimately values the internal beauty just as much. To men (in general), most men automatically know there are a LOT of externally beautiful women all over the world but most beautiful women (who are generally “superficial”) can be some complete bitches internally which therefore rubs off and make their external ugly too. Real men like, want and value women who have a strong sense of humility. A lot of times, a “superficial” woman might get a man looking at her (meaning him wanting to fuck) but usually will never keep a man INTO her (him wanting to actually get to know anything else about her). Why? Well its mainly because she mostly values her outer attention from people (men in particular) rather than upgrading her own attention within herself. Everything starts with how a person see themselves on the inside (the inner mirror). Insecurity only happens when a person is not confident with who they are and/or the value they are contributing to the world. A lot of single women might SAY they look for and/or want a real man but REAL Men are confident men themselves. Real men know who they are and what they bring to the table for a/any woman’s security and stability.  Now this leads me back to the original question:

What makes a woman attractive to men or let me say, What makes a woman attractive to (REAL/Good) Men??????????

Put it like this: What makes a woman attractive to MOST men will generally be just her looks whereas what makes a woman attractive to REAL Men is her ENTIRE frame of mind, body AND soul………………..

An attractive woman to a/any REAL men is a “go getter” type woman in all aspects. She is not only confident in who she is but she knows what she wants from a good or real man AND not afraid to go after the type of man she desires. An attractive woman to a/any REAL Man is a woman who COULD do it by herself but would rather have a MAN as a partner instead. She completely understands that it takes a Real MAN Partner to do it with her and make her whole. Real women understand the true definition of a partnership WITH a man and not just trying to BE the man herself. There are a lot of single women who have forgot to allow the role of a man to be IN a man and not just in themselves.

Women sometimes under-estimate and/or under-appreciate how much real men LIKE women who like them and will clearly show it. It’s funny how most women (especially single) are “go-getters” when it comes to providing for their children, doing for themselves and/or their career goals but when it comes to seeking out real men they like, most tend to sit back and “wait”. It’s like most never put the same “hustle” in finding and keeping a good man as they would anything else. Now I’m NOT saying to chase men. All I’m saying is, it’s absolutely nothing wrong with a/any woman showing a man she’s interested but only IF he is reciprocating. Nowadays, waiting for a real or good man is becoming a thing of the past due to the competition of single women (who ARE looking) being so heavy. Most women who are single TODAY fail to realize that they don’t have time to just sit on the sidelines and wait for some prince charming to come sweep them off their feet. Unfortunately, the women like this who forever “wait” will generally attract all the “typical” simple minded guys I was talking about above. Remember what I said earlier: “An attractive woman to a/any REAL men is a “go getter” type woman in all and every aspect”!

A woman who is assertive about pursuing a guy she likes (and see’s has potential) will always have a MUCH better advantage every time over the woman who just sits back and “waits” for Mr. Right to woo her. This is just the law of the universe. I personally have NEVER seen a person getting what they want in life by just “waiting” for it, that is stupid and just complete nonsense. Things don’t just come to someone because they are pretty, have a nice body or are just a nice person. The universe doesn’t work like that. The universe gives us what we pursue (or seek) and not necessarily what we “wait” for just because we want it. In the good book it says, “Seek and ye shall find” right? Always understand the difference between “waiting” forever ladies verses “waiting for the right time to make a move” but one way or the other, a woman will have to CHOOSE one OR one will just choose her. STOP “waiting” for opportunity (wasted time) and START seeking it or you will just completely miss out on those who seek those same opportunities……………

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