What is it like for smart women to stay single?

According to recent research on human behaviour, smart women love to stay single. It is often looked upon as a choice of smarter women to stay lonely until they find someone to match their standards. Many other factors like the independence and freedom that smarter women live in every day contribute to their being single for a longer time.

As experts in relationship coaching, there are questions around the globe about why are so many smart women still single. As suggested by statistics, smarter women who are single are mostly older than 30 and have no plans on marrying. In this article, we tend to highlight what life is like for such women.

When women are asked questions about how to find a good man book, they are mostly never interested. The more a woman is educated or skilled, the more qualities she tends to look for in her suitable love interest. More than 70 percent of single women agreed that this was one of the toughest decisions they had to make for themselves while focusing on their careers.

In many different ways, smarter women value their independence and adventurousness way more than anyone else. It makes them feel empowered and successful even further. Towards the end, we want to mention that this segment of women is also worried about spending less time with their friends and family if they get involved with someone romantically.

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