Ways to make your husband feel special after pregnancy

You’re exhausted, confused, sore, and inundated with expected and unexpected visitors.  This is the unfortunate reality after bringing the baby home from the hospital. You must be looking for how to keep your husband happy now, once the baby is here.

Sure, you’re excited to be a first (or second, or third) time mom, but there are many not so lovely experiences after the baby comes.  Your husband must be feeling a lot of these changes too. He might be hyper-focused on taking great care of his wife and a new baby.

While any new dad had better be excellent at rocking it postpartum, with a ton of stress for any parent going through the stressful postpartum phase.Even though it’s entirely your job to completely focus on your recovery and bonding with your new baby, just a few straightforward changes in the coming weeks can make all the difference to the new daddy in your house along with making your own life easier!

Here are few quick tips to make the transition a little easier on him too.

Include your husband in decisions related to the baby. Even small things like letting him pick the baby’s outfit can go a long way.

Don’t criticize his attempts at parenting. It doesn’t matter if a diaper is gone bad or even backward. You might not realize the scenario right now, but you’re making unforgettable memories together that you’ll be able to appreciate it all.

Fight the urge to be present every second. This is for you as it is for him. Even if it’s for a few hours with a book. Help your husband prioritize your marriage by telling your husband what you need.  Let him focus on your wedding and make you happy while concentrate on enhancing your bonding with your baby. It could be as straightforward as telling him it would mean a lot to you if he got up through the night so that you don’t feel alone when baby needs attending.

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Even before the postpartum phase, “go ahead,” there are lots of ways to enjoy some quality “alone time.” Sex is SO essential to a marriage, but it doesn’t have to be just intercourse!  Find your energy, and then find some time to enjoy.

You can read some tips for having an incredible sex life.  Having quality time with your husband would make you feel normal again – something that you would also need. Getting back to flirting would make you guys feel like yourself again.

Take advantage of your nap time and have many little dates. Even if you’re too sleep-deprived in the very beginning to do anything enjoyable, take some time to snuggle together for your nap while the baby is taking a nap.  The oxytocin rush from a short cuddle might be all you need!

Moreover, never underestimate how powerful compliments are! Give your husband kudos for all that he is doing to help you recover and take care of the new little one.

While some husbands might be ideally content to sit back and let the wives do it all, most husbands who love their wives want to be a part of it all. Helping with the transition can make you guys come all the more closer.  It might sound counter-intuitive, but the feeling of being wanted is precisely what your husband needs right now when a new baby mainly takes up your time.  Ask him to interfere with unexpected guests, to help figure out what’s for dinner, to get involved with your relationship with your little one- there are so many ways to include hubby in this new adventure!

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