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Use Body Language To Find A Good Man

You’ve likely thought a lot about finding a good man. You’ve evaluated your personality and found undesirable traits. So you worked hard to limit how many they were. You worked hard to build yourself up, all with the intention of setting out to find Mr. Right. But for all the work you did on your personality, did you consider your appearance? Not what you look like, of course. But what your body language is saying to people who pass you by.

Many of us walk around with shoulders hunched and headphones on. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make on a daily basis. That type of body language tells other people to leave us alone. It tells other people that we don’t want to be disturbed. While you may not want random people talking to you, you don’t know what opportunities you might be missing out on, either!

One of the more common mistakes single women make when it comes to meeting people is being unapproachable. If you want someone to talk to you, you have to look ready for a conversation. You have to be friendly and conversational. You have to be open and receptive to the people around you. This way, you won’t miss a chance to chat with someone who may turn out to be exactly who you’re looking for. You have to put yourself in positions to be approachable.

For instance, wearing headphones when you’re walking through the mall is an obvious no-no. A potentially good man COULD want to strike up a conversation with you, but you wouldn’t even notice. They wouldn’t want to disrupt or startle you, so they’ll let you continue without saying a word. That someone you just pass could have been Mr. Right. The moral is that you need to be approachable. Also too many SINGLE women tend to “wait” too damn long for guys to talk to them. Ummm, what are YOU waiting for????? You are grown yourself right? Anytime a single woman see a man whom they find attractive then geeesh, put your big girl panties on and take his ass down, period! And if you are scared to initiate the conversation and talk to him, then the least you can do is give him signs you like him and interested in getting to know more about him. You see, back in the day, the “old fashioned” way worked all the time but nowadays in THIS day and time, single women should never just “expect” things to always happen on their own. Sometimes the woman has to take control of finding, pursuing and getting what she desires in a potential partner. The biggest thing is to just be ready for anything to happen randomly.

We always plan our nights out. We plan outfits, makeup, hair, and shoes. We put so much detail into planning these nights, but why? Are we hoping to meet that special someone on the dance floor? Are we hoping to catch their eye from across the crowded bar? To stand out? The truth is, it’s unlikely. We are very unlikely to meet the man of our dreams when we’re planning to. It’s more likely that you’ll bump into him on your way out of Starbucks. Maybe you’ll even spill your coffee on his business suit 10 minutes before he’s expected at a big meeting. Romance comedies use chance-meetings because they are the most likely way you’ll meet someone. It sounds insane, but it happens. All the time. If a single woman is really looking for Mr. Right, then they got to be ready for the unexpected, even if this means taking control sometimes. Always dress your best and carry yourself like a strong woman. Smile brightly and make small talk with strangers. Be someone who looks like someone everyone would want to meet. Because you are, right?

Meeting Mr. Right is the same as meeting a new best friend or a future employer. The first impression is the one that really stands out. If you always walk around with your head held high and a smile on your face, you’re likely to see many doors opening for you. From professional to romance. Now if you walk around wearing sweatpants all the time, you’re not going to attract the kind of man you want.

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