Traits that Make a Guy Attractive

It is no secret that the modern dating world is really challenging, and when you are not found physically attractive by women, you will have a much harder time finding a partner. Many studies and research materials like the journal of personality and social psychology give a detailed analysis of how attraction works.

But what we are covering in this article is what makes a man attractive to women. Moreover, we will also be talking about how to find a good man eBook thereby. Based on studies from the journal of personality and social psychology, psychological science, physical attractiveness goes far beyond physical attraction or even facial beauty. However, it is a large part of how attraction works. There are many other factors that women also find attractive.

What Makes a Man Attractive To Women

Some physical characteristics have more to do with personal style and preference than face structures. Here are some other characteristics that matter for men.

#1 Facial Hair

Although many men prefer facial hair because it is a pain to keep trimmed and can be itchy, cross-cultural studies have found that women are much more attracted to men with facial hair. This is based on a couple of cross-cultural studies on evolution. Results show that men with kempt facial hair were perceived to be more attractive for females.

#2 Sincerity

In the world of hook-up culture in which people seem to be more interested in casual sex and dating, there are only a few men out there who still remember what sincerity means. When a man is making sincere efforts in his actions and interactions, it becomes a real game changer for women. Given the state of psychology of most people today, even if you’re only trying to be physically attractive for short-term, being open about your intentions is one of the easiest ways to attract women.

#3 Ability to tell a good story or to make people laugh

Women love it when a guy is expressive, and is able to make her laugh.  Based on the recent findings, being a good storyteller also means that you are a good communicator, which is what most women dig for. Finding a good guy with all of these traits is really rare though.

#4 Body Hair

While men prefer their women to be without body hair, women clearly find the opposite more attractive in men. Studies on human behaviour, University of California suggest that a little bit of chest hair slightly visible through V-neck shirt can do wonders for your dating life. This contributes to the overall attractiveness of a potential love partner.

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