Tips to find a good Boyfriend : Expert Advice

Today’s matchmakers and relationship experts work hard for their money. Experts are selective about their clientele, how to get a good man for you via referrals and other sources is a priority for them. Also, they have multiple rounds of interviews and checks to ensure a background check. One of our experts mention that “I’m available to them at all times. After each managed date, I interview both people for further feedback, which I pass on to both the parties, and hence match them to build a good relationship.”

Our experts share the best tips on how to find a good boyfriend:

  1. Be realistic.

Our experts tell women who seem to be on a money hunt or who are looking exclusively for men with big pockets have to change their attitude. Men can sense right away if you are after their wallet, and not their personality. In the long run, the most important attributes you should want in a mate are not looks and money but a loving heart and commitment to you.

  1. Be a hot mama. Men have an eye tecting women who are baby hungry,” warns Christie Kelleher, director of the New York office of Kelleher & Associates, a premier matchmaking service for professionals. Contact us to know more about how to get a good man.
  2. Make dating a priority.

Our matchmaking experts suggests that clients approach finding the right man as they would a job hunt. The key is always to be prepared because you don’t know when or where you’ll meet someone. Wear some clothes that make you attractive and plan for an exciting conversation. “You might also need to change your routine,” adds another expert who in the last ten years has brought together more than 400 monogamous couples.

  1. Mind your manners. Men are understandably appalled when their bright, funny date suddenly does something tacky like ripping a piece of bread and putting the other half back in the bread basket or applying lipstick. “Men also find it a little gauche when the woman calls for the check,” says our relationship experts. “The man wants to do summoning of the waiter and the paying part. Be on time, look him in the eye and mind your manners. Please don’t ask him too many questions about his day or job.

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