The Psychosis Of Building Better Relationships With Your Partner

Without relationships, you cannot exist in this world because that is the very essence of this universe. Everything on this universe is some or another ay is related to each other and as men or women, you have tough challenges ahead.

If you are looking for ways and means to find how to build good relationship, then here are a few things that you should consider.

Have an unprejudiced approach:

You cannot approach a relationship with perception because your perception of a good relationship might not be true. You cannot have your ways of relationships or a world that fits into your ideas, you need to appreciate the differences and that would be possible only when you do not have a predefined idea about how the relationship should be.

You should not prejudge your relationship because a man or woman is not static, in fact, a person is dynamic and changing every moment and you have responded to it every moment, and only when you will see how a man and woman can unfold various facets of relationships.

Give more, get less:

Love is all about giving because that is where the whole thing lies, you would feel good only when you are a giver in your relationship and the other would also feel good but then you should do it out of the sheer joy of giving.

You need to understand the fact that when you build relationship, you do not make it transactional, the more you make it transactional, the more you leave scope for judgments and assessments, which would lead to break-ups.

A few more quick tips:

  • You have to give freedom to your partner, nobody likes his/her freedom to be at stake because a person grows only in utter freedom and the idea of freedom is a universal one because every living being on this earth loves freedom
  • Spend some time together without looking for a result or expecting any gain, you must have a relationship without a motive and that is when you would see that you enjoy every moment of it because there are no results, no motives and no expectations, every moment is just as beautiful as the previous moment was.

These are a few tips that you should know if you are looking for how to build good relationship because these are the psychological aspects of a relationship that must be understood. All you need to do is to enjoy your relationship and live moment to moment without any fear of the future.

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