The “Perfect Man” vs. The “Good Man”

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many women out here in America are looking for the so-called, “perfect man” but what does that represents exactly??? What does that look like?? Ya’ know, I truly believe in my opinion that if there WERE a such thing as a so called “perfect man” for women, most would completely fuck it up in one of two ways:

#1.) Most women would not know how to act with having exactly what they wished for OR
#2.) Most women would completely use him and/or try to control him

Which in essence leads them right back to where they started. It would basically be like a “too much of a good thing”.

I have news for you ladies……..There is no such thing as “a perfect man”. Understand that life is short and as TIME goes on in life, more women (especially who are single) will eventually be forced to RE-actively “settle” anyway for just any man (whether they like it or not unless they want to be single all their lives) rather than SEEKING a “good man” she has pro-actively chosen to begin with. The harsh reality is, a LOT of women (not all but a lot) have very unrealistic expectations in guys when it comes to dating. Some women be like “he gotta have this or he gotta have that” BUT yet some women (who want “a perfect man”) are not even a reflection of what they desire in a/any man themselves. So in other words, most single women have to subconsciously learn how NOT to be so nit-picky because all the “nit-pickyness” could be exactly what’s blocking the woman’s blessing in what God is trying to send her. Also women in general tend to pray and ask God to send them “a good man” well this sounds good and all but unfortunately, the REALITY is, some single women are so head strong and so focused on meeting “the perfect man” that it completely blinds them to seeing or seeking “the good man“. Women have to also learn how to compromise (within reason) more and understand the “atleast” principle. The “atleast” principle is a way to help women evaluate and gauge what they can and cannot accept in a/any potential man. Like since there is no such thing as a perfect man, instead of saying “he gotta have this or he gotta have that”, say “he may not have this BUT atleast he have that, etc”. And keep THIS in mind ladies too, IF a man does NOT have something that the woman desires him to have then what is the WOMAN doing to help him get it?? NO man can never be perfect if/when the woman is not perfect herself.

My advice is for a/any single woman in America (who is actively looking to find someone)
is to first change their mindset FROM seeking “a perfect man” INTO seeking a “good man”. A woman’s chances of finding “a good man” verses trying to find a “perfect man” are much better odds because even though nobody is perfect, men still have “good” qualities. The biggest thing is for the woman to analyze the flaws verses the strengths in a/any man and decide for herself if she can balance them out………….

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