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Men share the non-physical traits they find most attractive in women


Physical features are important, despite what some people like to insist – you won’t have a healthy relationship if you have no primal desire to be intimate – but it is far from the most important thing.The most important thing about a girl as far as we are concerned is that she is a good and caring person. Ideally, this manifests as overt kindness and a soft, helpful demeanor. On the other hand, you may contact us to find out how to find a good guy online.

It’s easy to get attracted to someone by looking at their looks or physical features. But it might come as a surprise that there are some traits that men find super attractive in women. These are usually traits that you as a woman might not even consider being attractive or noticeable. But for men, they all have their preferences, and that’s exactly what we will be talking about here. We asked a few of our relationship experts to tell us about the traits that they find most attractive in women apart from the usual physical traits, and here’s what they had to say.

“Oh, we love it when a woman makes the first move. It is so attractive! It’s usually, the guy makes moves all the time, but it sure won’t hurt to see a woman feeling confident to make the first move. It instantly catches attention for me.”

Not being high-maintenance

Another one of our experts say “Okay, there might be guys who don’t mind maintaining a high-maintenance woman. But for others, they find it attractive when she doesn’t mind a simple date like Netflix-and-chill. The kind of person who don’t feel the need to go out every single weekend, and we can hang on the couch with some good movie.”
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Sense of humor

Next one says, “It’s not about cracking intellectual jokes or being super witty in front of the men. But if she understands the guys’ jokes and if she can make him laugh with her silly jokes, the guys are mostly sold! It’s so attractive when you have a woman who understands your humor instead of you explaining the whole point of it only to make it boring.”

Be non-judgemental

“A woman being non-judgemental is a true winner! Giving some people the benefit of doubt and thus acting with compassion is very attractive. Most women are judgy, and it becomes all the more attractive when I find a woman who isn’t.”

A goofy person

Another experts mentions, “I’m not a guy who asks for too much. Just be goofy and weird with me, and I’ll be fine. It’s so attractive to watch a girl being goofy around me; it tells me how comfortable it is. She has no filter on and can say anything weird in front of me because she’d know I won’t mind it one bit.”

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How to find a good guy online- Real Women Share Their Tried and Tested Tips.


When it comes to building relationships or about how to find a good guy online, things are seldom as easy as they should be. From trying to look where to meet nice guys to navigating a romance, dating can often feel like too much effort and too much to handle on your own. So, we gathered some smart and savvy women (our experts) to give us their takes on modern dating.

If fear of the unknown guys has kept you from ever signing up for an app, we hear you. Dating apps don’t have a good reputation for supplying men you might actually be able to date.

But here is the secret: Several women who have signed up on dating apps have met nice guys! We’re not saying these women have landed on any one magical app full of dateable men and good dates. But with a discerning eye, they have tamed Tinder and are meeting men who share their desire for a relationship.

Choose your photos wisely.

We were talking with some experts who are also girlfriends and one of them told us that she gets messages from men on a specific app for hook-ups and flings. She was bewildered. She uses the exact specific app and had never once had a man inquire about a sexual rendezvous. So what you need to do is highlight the right kind of app. Be selective with your dating apps.

You might not be a huge dating app connoisseur, but what worked for some women is being selective. Rather than trying too hard to set up a profile on every app out there, choose a few to make your mark. You would drive yourself crazy if you try to put your net everywhere. Instead, focus on the dating apps that show whether you share any connections with another guy. These are often your best bet for finding a good guy.

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You should be immediately skeptical, having heard lots of not-so-great tales from others. While friends talk to one another about the guys they meet, it’s often necessary to share experiences. One such incident happened when someone showed his profile to their friend along with the messages he sent. She encouraged her to go, so long as they met in a public place- keeping her cell phone nearby. Long story short, she went on that date, they fell in love, and they’ve been happily married for two years.

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Secrets To A Happier Life


Imagine if pharmaceutical companies were able to make a pill for happiness. There would be smiley bottles on shelves of drugstores. Studies show that happiness can wave off infection, enhance memory, reduce pain, and prevent heart disease.

What about the side effects?

Other than mild jaw soreness, there are no other side effects. But if not the scientific way, where do you find more happiness? Here are some ways how to find a good man for a happy life.

  1. Eat More Meals That Make you Happy

What’s good for you may be a salve for your psyche: In a Nutrition study, people who ate a Mediterranean-style diet for ten days reported more happiness than a general control group.

Credit the mood and hormone-stabilizing magnesium found in nuts, as well as omega-3s in fatty fish. You must stock up on more foods that’ll keep your body operating in prime condition.

  1. Don’t go after the Dollar Signs

There’s nothing wrong with chasing profits- unless you’re trying to catch contentment.

Experts have found that as people earn more income, they tend to be dissatisfied with the things they can afford.

Ask for the compensation that delivers on a different level: an option to telecommute. Workers who can do this are more content than their cubicle-bound counterparts, reports a Stanford study. Contact our experts to know more about why are so many smart women still single.

  1. Grab a Bud

Take your time to reestablish old bromance. In a study published in the journal Emotion, people who tried various happiness-increasing activities reported that the most critical and meaningful method was building their relationships.

Reconnecting with a friend may get you out of a funk, says our experts. To maximize the payoff, make time for meetings. Participants spend at least 40 minutes bonding several times a week.


  1. Go Nowhere Fast

You’ve heard of the runner’s high, right? In a study conducted at several universities, people who pedaled at a particular rpm for 15 minutes improved their mood by around 19%.


While researchers haven’t pinpointed exactly how exercise lifts spirits so quickly, the effect may result from a sweat-fueled boost in mood-enhancing endocannabinoids and neurotrophic factors. This protein speeds up neural activity, protecting the brain.

Not a fan of cycling? No worries. You’ll get the same mood-enhancing effects. It’s a workout program from Men’s Health designed to shred body fat and maximize muscle growth—simultaneously.

  1. Lighten Up, Bub

Are you miserable in the morning? People turn grumpy when their sleep cycle is out of whack, says our team and multiple experts from universities. The best way out to hit the reset button is with a.m. illumination; it’ll suppress the sleep hormone melatonin.

  1. Clock-Block Yourself

Only the actual work deadlines are worth stressing over. A study suggested in the Journal of Personality found that workers always set arbitrary time limits on their tasks.

  1. Give Thanks, Get Happy

It’s easier to fix your outlook in case you have the right tools and equipment. In studies conducted in several universities, people who wrote one thank-you letter a week experienced more significant gains in happiness and well-being than those who simply listed their recent activities.

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Ways to make your husband feel special after pregnancy


You’re exhausted, confused, sore, and inundated with expected and unexpected visitors.  This is the unfortunate reality after bringing the baby home from the hospital. You must be looking for how to keep your husband happy now, once the baby is here.

Sure, you’re excited to be a first (or second, or third) time mom, but there are many not so lovely experiences after the baby comes.  Your husband must be feeling a lot of these changes too. He might be hyper-focused on taking great care of his wife and a new baby.

While any new dad had better be excellent at rocking it postpartum, with a ton of stress for any parent going through the stressful postpartum phase.Even though it’s entirely your job to completely focus on your recovery and bonding with your new baby, just a few straightforward changes in the coming weeks can make all the difference to the new daddy in your house along with making your own life easier!

Here are few quick tips to make the transition a little easier on him too.

Include your husband in decisions related to the baby. Even small things like letting him pick the baby’s outfit can go a long way.

Don’t criticize his attempts at parenting. It doesn’t matter if a diaper is gone bad or even backward. You might not realize the scenario right now, but you’re making unforgettable memories together that you’ll be able to appreciate it all.

Fight the urge to be present every second. This is for you as it is for him. Even if it’s for a few hours with a book. Help your husband prioritize your marriage by telling your husband what you need.  Let him focus on your wedding and make you happy while concentrate on enhancing your bonding with your baby. It could be as straightforward as telling him it would mean a lot to you if he got up through the night so that you don’t feel alone when baby needs attending.

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Even before the postpartum phase, “go ahead,” there are lots of ways to enjoy some quality “alone time.” Sex is SO essential to a marriage, but it doesn’t have to be just intercourse!  Find your energy, and then find some time to enjoy.

You can read some tips for having an incredible sex life.  Having quality time with your husband would make you feel normal again – something that you would also need. Getting back to flirting would make you guys feel like yourself again.

Take advantage of your nap time and have many little dates. Even if you’re too sleep-deprived in the very beginning to do anything enjoyable, take some time to snuggle together for your nap while the baby is taking a nap.  The oxytocin rush from a short cuddle might be all you need!

Moreover, never underestimate how powerful compliments are! Give your husband kudos for all that he is doing to help you recover and take care of the new little one.

While some husbands might be ideally content to sit back and let the wives do it all, most husbands who love their wives want to be a part of it all. Helping with the transition can make you guys come all the more closer.  It might sound counter-intuitive, but the feeling of being wanted is precisely what your husband needs right now when a new baby mainly takes up your time.  Ask him to interfere with unexpected guests, to help figure out what’s for dinner, to get involved with your relationship with your little one- there are so many ways to include hubby in this new adventure!

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How to keep your husband happy


A happy marriage seems like a fairy tale, especially to our generation. Many of today’s wives keep complaining left and right about their husbands’ shortcomings. So, you must be thinking about how to keep your husband happy to make things a little better.

“Our role is not to fix our husband but to reflect the wrong in the marriage. The game changes when wives make it their aim to bring joy to the wedding. Once the realization steps in, it’s all about what have I done for you lately and not what you have done for me? Instead of being disappointed in your husband’s deeds, you may experience peace knowing that you are doing him good.

And guess what, you can attest that respecting your spouse and practice makes him happy when you start respecting your spouse and tradition. He will turn around and love you just right back around.

Here are the best ways how to keep your husband happy:

Make love a top priority

Women understand that sexual fulfillment is the most critical need of a husband. But do your actions show that you know it? Maybe you’ve taken care of the kids, made dinner, and even endured his favorite movie. Compared to the other women, you know, you’re doing quite well. Yet you may not be paying attention to his sexual needs.

You may also contact us to enquire about single women or to find Single Man near me.

Make your home a heaven.

When your hubby walks in the door, he should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. He’s finally home. Think of how you can greet your husband in different ways every day. Make your house a place where your husband wants to come back.

Respect all your man’s needs.

What your husband needs is perhaps what you have discounted. It may be sexual, quality time, the cookies, or doing activities together. It would help if you did not get defensive when your husband voices a definite need. Listen instead and act positively to meet that needs in the best way possible.

Let your man lead

The idea of being submissive has many women up in arms. The New Testament talks clearly in three passages that we wives submit to our husbands as unto the Lord. This doesn’t mean you become a doormat. What it means is that you should respect your husband’s role as the leader of the family.

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