May 2021

Tips To Keep Him Interested In You FOREVER


If you think that only women are difficult to figure out, you may be wrong.It is a wide-known fact that all men are attentive and caring at the beginning of a relationship and even marriage, but along the road and as time passes, they lose interest in their partners or even spouses.

So, the problem here is to figure out why the men lose interest when everything is flawless. There are so many possibilities to this question, but it’s possible that none of them is 100% ideal.In order for this not to happen, we recommend you take some precautions and ensure that your man always stays true to you. Contact our experts to know more about How to Keep a Guy Interested

Here are some beautiful tips on how to keep him interested in you forever

Be confident

Is there anything better than a confident woman, even better, a confident wife? We don’t think so! In case you want to keep your man interested in you forever, then you need to be as confident all the time. This will tell you exactly How to Keep a Good Man in Life Forever.

You need to love yourself first, and with that, your man will be all the more attracted to you. If you don’t know to create happiness for yourself in the relationship, you won’t be able to make each other happy either.

When he sees that you have made yourself your first priority, he will fall in love with you so hard – making him stick only to you. It is an old gone trick, but it works every single time. You must try it today!

Don’t be clingy all the time.

Men are often annoyed when women cling to them a bit too much. If you stick around him for a longer time and try to bound him without having your own life, you may see your man get tired of you or be bored of you.

We understand that spending time together is important to build a relationship, but it is equally important for the both of you to have some private time here and there. You can’t be with your man all the time expecting that he would listen to all of your stories.

So, go out with your girlfriends and also make him spend a night with his friends as well. That way, your relationship will have a modern outlook and will be healthier. After you spend time on different sides, you would miss each other even more.

This is always a good idea to spice up your relationship from time to time!

Don’t try to control him.

If you think your man stays with you knowing that you check his phone frequently, you are mistaken. Nobody wants to be controlled—especially in a marriage or a relationship.

If you do that, your relationship is not as strong as you imagine it to be. Why do you worry about your man’s private chats? Just let the tiny things go and enjoy your life with him.

So, give him his part of freedom and enjoy yours. That is something that you should keep for yourself as well; no one likes intrusion..

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Men share the non-physical traits they find most attractive in women


Physical features are important, despite what some people like to insist – you won’t have a healthy relationship if you have no primal desire to be intimate – but it is far from the most important thing.The most important thing about a girl as far as we are concerned is that she is a good and caring person. Ideally, this manifests as overt kindness and a soft, helpful demeanor. On the other hand, you may contact us to find out how to find a good guy online.

It’s easy to get attracted to someone by looking at their looks or physical features. But it might come as a surprise that there are some traits that men find super attractive in women. These are usually traits that you as a woman might not even consider being attractive or noticeable. But for men, they all have their preferences, and that’s exactly what we will be talking about here. We asked a few of our relationship experts to tell us about the traits that they find most attractive in women apart from the usual physical traits, and here’s what they had to say.

“Oh, we love it when a woman makes the first move. It is so attractive! It’s usually, the guy makes moves all the time, but it sure won’t hurt to see a woman feeling confident to make the first move. It instantly catches attention for me.”

Not being high-maintenance

Another one of our experts say “Okay, there might be guys who don’t mind maintaining a high-maintenance woman. But for others, they find it attractive when she doesn’t mind a simple date like Netflix-and-chill. The kind of person who don’t feel the need to go out every single weekend, and we can hang on the couch with some good movie.”
Contact our experts to know more about what makes a woman attractive.

Sense of humor

Next one says, “It’s not about cracking intellectual jokes or being super witty in front of the men. But if she understands the guys’ jokes and if she can make him laugh with her silly jokes, the guys are mostly sold! It’s so attractive when you have a woman who understands your humor instead of you explaining the whole point of it only to make it boring.”

Be non-judgemental

“A woman being non-judgemental is a true winner! Giving some people the benefit of doubt and thus acting with compassion is very attractive. Most women are judgy, and it becomes all the more attractive when I find a woman who isn’t.”

A goofy person

Another experts mentions, “I’m not a guy who asks for too much. Just be goofy and weird with me, and I’ll be fine. It’s so attractive to watch a girl being goofy around me; it tells me how comfortable it is. She has no filter on and can say anything weird in front of me because she’d know I won’t mind it one bit.”

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Women Behavior: How to Attract A Man


One of the doctors of personality psychology revealed that dating — especially for women — is challenging in the modern era. What might interest you, however, is why is that so. Women are in a constant double bind between the sorts of men they find attractive and the type they choose to attach to.  In this blog, we cover different ways how to attract a man.

Other experts also suggest a handful of reasons for involuntary singleness, including everything from not prioritizing dating enough to be too emotionally invested. As you see, venturing into the dating world can be pretty overwhelming. But, if you’re a single woman looking to crack the male dating code, you’ve arrived at the right place. And if you’re not single, we can’t fault you for being plain curious. Here are few behaviors that are scientifically proven to attract men the most. This may also help men find Single Women near me.

Be Kind

An individual is naturally adept at one particular behavior. A comprehensive study on the behavior of men suggests that kindness was “universally desired” by men. Just as women keep mentioning that they are looking for a kind and generous partner. Men are also looking for someone with a similar nature. The study further linked kind behavior to “a cooperative disposition, inclination towards long-term relationships, ability to form healthy social alliances, and much more. Therefore, it’s not hard to see why kindness is attractive. But could it be just that simple? It appears so.

Laugh more often

It’s not enough to think your date is funny or has a sense of humor; he also has to know what you think of his humor. A study performed by universities across the United States found that while both men and women are attracted to people who have a “decent sense of humor,” men tend to interpret this phrase differently. They’re not always looking for a funny partner, but one that can appreciate decent humor — or, more specifically, their jokes.

Letting your hair down

If you’re wondering how to attract a man, you should always consider letting them down. Using six hairstyles — short, medium-length, long, cluttered or messy bun, and more. The bottom line is, only two hairstyles, long and medium loose hair— “had a significant effect on ratings of attractiveness.” Additionally, men considered women with long hair to be healthier, “especially if the subjects were less interesting women.”

A Positive personality

Contrary to what you may consider, personality traits do matter. “Participants with positive personality were perceived physically attractive, no matter the body type,” the research highlighted, “whereas participants with negative personality perceived not so attractive.” Sure enough, this study suggested that by possessing positive personality traits, you could directly influence a man’s “perception of physical beauty.” Pretty wild stuff, wouldn’t you say?

Shop for him

While you may be lusting over a handbag, both men and women don’t find luxury purchases so attractive when their potential partners make them. As part of their study, participants were asked to read descriptions of a stranger’s purchase decisions, including whether the purchase was “eco-friendly.” The participants then reported what they thought of the stranger — including their “potential romantic interest.”

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April 2021

How to Keep A Guy Interested: A List Of Some Effortless Ways


If a relationship begins healthily- both people on the same page, wanting the same things, sharing the same values– then the relationship is most likely to last. The good news here is that you have some control over the situation here. You can enhance your chances of keeping your man interesting by ensuring a few things.

Here is a list of all of the ways how to attract a man!

  1. Keep his interests your priority

One thing men crave is a woman who understands and appreciates them. One easy way to achieve that is to show genuine interest in your man’s claims. You don’t have to really love what he loves or like what he likes. But a man loves sharing his interests and passions with his woman.

  1. Show appreciation

Keeping a guy interested is not rocket science. The problem here is that most women don’t understand men. Most of the time, women are blindsided in the relationship and don’t make an effort to understand what their man wants truly. One-sided expectations never truly make a long-lasting healthy relationship.

  1. Accept your man’s space.

Your ideal relationship seems lovely at the start but then suddenly becomes uninterested. One of the primary reasons for the same is that women don’t understand the concept of space. For whatever reason, your ideal love partner also needs his own space whenever possible.

His changed behavior may lead you to think on wrong tangents. The root cause of this may be insecurity. The minute your partner takes a step back, you tend to think he’s losing interest. This is one of the most crucial times of your relationship- and you need to be all the more patient here.

  1. Be happy outside your relationship

It is often said that your relationship should be your primary source of happiness and sanity. However, it’s not always true. When your truly happy alone, only then you can be happy in your relationship. This also tends to keep your guy interested.

In fact, fill in your life with more and more skills and interests. Your love will naturally be drawn towards you, and would want to grow with you.

In conclusion, there are multiple ways that suggest how to keep a guy interested. Follow a couple of these to ensure you live a healthy relationship!

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Reasons Why Smart Women Stay Single For Years


You’ve probably asked your gorgeous friend so often why she prefers being single for so long. She might joke around about it, but the roots of the problem are much more profound. Several smart girls prefer not to be in relationships. About 50.2% of Americans are single, which is approximately 124.6 million people, and there is more single than married women in the US.

Here are some of the major reasons why are so many smart women still single:

  • Modern women are independent.

Since times have changed, women have started becoming more financially independent. With that revolution changing the way we look at women today, we must also realize that women now want nothing from their partners but love and loyalty.

Women no longer need to ask men anymore for help with physical work because they can call for services.

  • Women have started respecting their time and freedom.

Instead of cooking at home for a family after office work, women today prefer to spend quality time with themselves. It seems more important to go to a spa, shopping, or take a class for self-development.

  • Women are more emotionally stable.

Women have become more emotionally stable and way more educated than a decade ago—the array of opportunities that le in their way affects their psychology and lifestyle choices.

  • Women like the idea of alternate relationships

Unlike the cliched norms of how women should be in relationships, modern women are all set to try out their options. Women can live as we see fit. Nobody judges them like before when they pick a partner of the same gender or have a free relationship.

  • Women no longer want to stress on How to Keep A Man Enjoyable.

When women became more financially independent, they no longer needed men to take care of their demands. And thus, women no longer care about what a man wants – or what keeps them enjoyable. Their efforts are now going into maintaining the high standards that they earned for themselves.

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