May 2021

How to Find a Right Man: A few simple and easy ways


A lot of women these days are so desperate to find true love in their life. Working women and non-working women are all searching for that special someone they can share their life with. Maybe at this day and time, more than any other time in the past, most of the modern ladies are highly vocal and purely expressive about their wishes to meet the gentleman of their dreams so they vigorously look for tips to get a good partner.

Actually there are so many smart and simple tips that you can implement to get a partner. You can ask your close friends, family members, relatives or any person on whom you can trust to help you find a man of your dreams and make him love you.

First of all know who you want:

List down the characters you are searching for in your partner. It would be helpful if you could make a list of the qualities you want in your life partner. Visualize your future husband with a pure heart and he will come true.

Try to increase your circle or network:

If you want to find a man and be in a love relationship with him, you need to go out and meet new people. Always try your best to make new friends, not only in the office but also in other places like your neighbourhood, social gathering and so on. You can never tell if the man you meet today at any party or gathering could be the person meant for you.

If you think peacefully, you will realize that the answer to the question How to Find a Right Man is very simple and straightforward.

Recognize how you can relate to a man’s interest:

If you and a man you like have some common interest, then it will be very beneficial for you. However, it is completely okay if you do not have any interest in common. In that case, you should try your best to take interest in that. For instance, if your partner is fascinated with circuits, you must have some common knowledge about the circuit. It will surely attract him towards you.

Emphasize on your personality:

What better trick to get a dream life partner than enchanting him with your beautiful and appealing personality? Try to make your look as attractive as possible, but without compromising your comfort.

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Signs You’ve Found A Good Man


You don’t need a relationship expert to tell you how crucial it is to read between the lines and pick up on some signs that indicate the person you’re with emotionally is a good guy. But, the question is, how to find a good man, how do you know he’s going to be in this for long, or that he is a keeper? According to our research and experience, here are some sure-shot signs that would tell you that your man is a great guy- and that you should stick with him.

  1. He is your biggest fan, just like your mother.

You are the utmost priority in his life, and he’s always looking out for you. He supports you and your dreams, aspirations, encourages you when you are feeling down, and keeps you focused. He is just there for you, without you having to remind him.

  1. He initiates intellectually critical conversations with you. Even if you don’t have an idea about the same, he will educate you instead of judging you. That’s because he doesn’t like gossip or talking about other people. Instead, he initiates conversations that last, stimulating your mind, such as new ways to look at a situation/or making a mark in the world.
  2. He listens instead of just waiting to talk back.

He’s your first go-to person whenever you want to talk to someone when you’re sad or want to share an experience. Such as an experience about work-life, about a feeling, or anything else. You used to call your friends; you don’t feel the need because you are satisfied once you talk to them. In case you have issues in understanding  what makes a woman attractive to men, feel free to contact our experts.

  1. He lets you rant away.

Sometimes you want to rant your feelings away and have someone there by you to listen. A good guy always tries to look at things from both perspectives and then comes to a conclusion. He is patient and stays put with you no matter how long you stay upset. The only thing that makes him sad is that you are frustrated and not happy.

  1. He speaks his mind – without offending people, respectfully.

You see, a good guy has high self-confidence and still is completely humble. He knows his self-worth and doesn’t agree with everything you might have to say. He is more than happy to let you have a share of it and to discuss opinions. However, he speaks his mind in a calm, composed, and respectful manner.

  1. He admits he’s wrong whenever necessary.

It’s not in him to blame or try to maneuver out of a situation when he knows he’s on the wrong side. He admits when he’s wrong, apologies when the situation calls for it, and tries to make up for it whenever required. He knows to err is human and to make mistakes is entirely normal. They are opportunities that help you do things in a better way. There’s no shame in that.

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How to Keep a Man Happy


With divorce rates consistently rising above 50%, this topic gets a lot of attention! The problem with searching the topic on “How to Save Your Marriage” or “How to Keep a Man Happy” is that you will end up being in places that don’t even apply to you. But you will want to start trying different tactics to get your spouse to stay with you. This is a devastating and desperate point in your life. Take a deep breath and don’t say or do anything drastic. At least, not yet.

Marriage saving remedies come in many varieties:

• Couples Counseling With a Licensed Professional
• Counseling One Spouse With a Licensed Professional
• Professional Life Coaches specializing in relationships
• Church counseling for one or both partners
• Do-it-Yourself Manuals for both people
• Do-it-Alone Manuals for one person
• Online Support Group Counseling
• Following the advice of friends and relatives

Which route is correct for you?

Each of the options comes with tools, programs, recommended reading, and a lots of communication. No matter what option you choose, you will need a strong sense of faith, commitment and willingness to do your work of looking at yourself in the relationship. This will be life-changing! But it’s really up to you to choose if that will change your life for the good or not.

The most ideal option for you depends on a lot of things. An understanding of the current state of your relationship and its history is essential. Equally important is an analysis of each of your partner and their personal goals and personal issues. The best situation is when both partners have a stated desire to stay married and solve issues together. They readily agree that their marriage is missing the buzz they both want and don’t know how to fix.

Contact our experts to know more about what makes men attractive to women.
But what if that isn’t YOUR situation?

• One spouse has disconnected
• Suspected emotional or physical affair
• There are frequent arguments
• Someone is sleeping in a separate room
• There have been threats of divorce

This situation is a widespread predecessor to most divorces, and the solution isn’t easy. Feelings are raw, distrust runs rampant, and respect is at an all-time low. Neither partner is equipped well enough to step up and start trying things that don’t feel right anymore. The love is gone. They feel obligated to try to say they “went to counseling” before deciding to talk about divorce. Some relationship experts or counselors even get blamed for the divorce when they call it – one or both people have decided to quit trying.

It is the only answer that creates the type of change your partner may be able to live with. It also happens to be the only answer that will create the type of evolve to have an incredible life – no matter what your partner agrees to do with theirs.

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April 2021

Irresistible Bad Boy Traits That Women Love


Bad boys are like complex carbohydrates, unhealthy yet tasty. You can blame hormones for tricking women into being attracted to bad men. You must understand how to find a good man for a happy life before dwelling to the bad guys. However, we can’t tell you what to do. If bad boys are your thing, you’ve come to the right place. You never know- the bad guys may be your right one. This article covers why women choose bad boys and losers (a list of all the traits):

‘Nice’ generally stands for not happening when it comes to women. But that’s okay. We have got you covered. This article covers a few traits that women like, and these are surprisingly all lousy boy traits.

–         They dare to take risks

They’re risk-taking and thrill-loving species. In case a bad boy wants to talk to you, he’ll probably walk over to you and ask you out. There’s no hiding, and this courage excites women very much.

–         They don’t care about what anyone thinks of them

It takes a lot of guts not to care about being accepted. Also, it takes a carefree attitude to keep up with women. And finally, they don’t settle. They are who they are- and they are proud of that.

–         They are unpredictable

You would never know what these men are up to. They don’t care about societal norms or peer pressure. All they know is what’s best for them. The element of surprise here intrigues ladies.

– They’re true to themselves

They don’t need to pretend. Their strong personalities make them win in any scenario, no matter what.  If there’s anything that you should admire about the good guys out there is that most of them are selfish in real.  They are mostly friendly to you because of a plan. Or, they’re too afraid to show their authentic self. However, with bad men, girls know what they are dealing with.

– They’re unique

Bad boys have their sense of style, be it in their attire or their own beliefs. They are original and distinctive and hit the female brain right away.

–         They don’t need anyone

Of course, they have their hobbies. Their pursuits give them an upper hand as it intrigues women. Also, their hard-to-get game makes it even more attractive for women.

–         They make you feel beautiful

No matter how independent a woman gets, she would want to hear compliments and submit to her man. The problem here is that finding the right guys who do that aren’t easy to find.

–         Their confidence is their superpower

The most attractive bad boy trait is his confidence. They wear that on their sleeves. Most women seldom link the faith to money, status, power, and appearance. Average men generally slave for such validations to boost up their confidence.

Women, however, test this confidence more now than ever. It’s their way of filtering out the right men.

–         They don’t try too much

Bad boys won’t have a problem walking away from you in case a woman isn’t interested. Instead of being desperate for something, they choose to take the high road.

Again, it’s another sign linked to their confidence, making women curious and attracted.

–         They are pretty dangerous

The bad tattoos, the smoking, the muscles, the brooding eyes, the deep low voice – all of it subconsciously tells women that a man is strong and capable of protection.

– They’re rarely boring

Bad boys aren’t afraid to cause trouble- and women know how to deal with that. What they can’t stand in guys are their mundane lifestyles. They prefer drama.

–         They dominate over you

They have what it takes to take charge when needed.  Also, it’s looked upon as a leadership quality, and leaders make their partners feel safe.

All in all, sometimes, the bad guys may seem selfish. In case you want to search for your Mr. right, contact our team of relationship experts and let us sort things for you.

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Reasons Why Smart Women Stay Single For Years


You’ve probably asked your gorgeous friend so often why she prefers being single for so long. She might joke around about it, but the roots of the problem are much more profound. Several smart girls prefer not to be in relationships. About 50.2% of Americans are single, which is approximately 124.6 million people, and there is more single than married women in the US.

Here are some of the major reasons why are so many smart women still single:

  • Modern women are independent.

Since times have changed, women have started becoming more financially independent. With that revolution changing the way we look at women today, we must also realize that women now want nothing from their partners but love and loyalty.

Women no longer need to ask men anymore for help with physical work because they can call for services.

  • Women have started respecting their time and freedom.

Instead of cooking at home for a family after office work, women today prefer to spend quality time with themselves. It seems more important to go to a spa, shopping, or take a class for self-development.

  • Women are more emotionally stable.

Women have become more emotionally stable and way more educated than a decade ago—the array of opportunities that le in their way affects their psychology and lifestyle choices.

  • Women like the idea of alternate relationships

Unlike the cliched norms of how women should be in relationships, modern women are all set to try out their options. Women can live as we see fit. Nobody judges them like before when they pick a partner of the same gender or have a free relationship.

  • Women no longer want to stress on How to Keep A Man Enjoyable.

When women became more financially independent, they no longer needed men to take care of their demands. And thus, women no longer care about what a man wants – or what keeps them enjoyable. Their efforts are now going into maintaining the high standards that they earned for themselves.

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