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Finding the Right Man Comes with Understanding What You Want


Men and women are completely different from each other when it comes to mental level. While women have more nurturing and kindness attributes, men are little immature and practical. With different choice and habits, it becomes a little difficult for a woman to adjust with a man despite love and attraction.

There are a lot of problems women face when finding a man because men are mostly reckless and have low emotional quotient. A lot of woman fall for the wrong man because they do not give enough time before getting into a relationship. This ends up the relationship even before it started.

Trust Issues are the Main Factors

A woman find it difficult to trust a man easily and this is what makes it difficult for them to find the suitable man. If a woman had her own fair share of heart breaks and met with cheating men, finding right man will be difficult for her inability to trust.

It will be difficult for a woman to open her life and space to a man. However, when it comes to finding the right partner, keeping an open mind, and observing things is essential. This allows them to understand if the person is right or wrong.

Staying Invested in Wrong Relationships

This is something commonly see in woman who spend a lot of time investing their time and energy in a wrong relationship. Overtime, even though the relation does not last but it tends to create a void. It leaves them paranoid and they turn blind eye to the man.

Immediately quit a relation that no longer serves you with happiness and peace. Ups and downs are fine but if you find yourself unhappy all the time, leave. Do not be with a man who does not value you and give you importance as this will stop you from meeting the right person.

Knowing What You Want is Important

The problems women face when finding a man is the fear of judgement and finding the wrong person. Man need their own time and space and does not really like a woman who clings on them all the time. Now-a-days men love woman who are confident and independent.

  • Be confident, fierce, and independent which is a big win for finding the right man
  • Focus on your dreams and ambitions but at the same time make sure to invest time in a relationship
  • Look at the man with long term partner potential and not a fling, as otherwise it will be short-lived
  • Be clear about what you want in a man and what you do not

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Reason Behind Most Smart and Intelligent Woman Being Single


It is often found that many incredibly intelligent, smart, and independent women are single today. They are attractive and lead a great life but does not have a romantic partner. With woman becoming self-sufficient and fierce, it becomes difficult for them to find some who helps them evolve and grow.

A strong and smart woman would never compromise. They know what they want, and they do not shy away from leaving a relationship that does not make them happy. This is why are so Many Smart Women Still Single and yet comfortable with being alone.

High Standards and Preference

When it comes to standards, it does not mean money or class but someone who treats them equal and love irrespective. A strong woman always prefer a partner who is not threatened by her fierceness. When a partner does not respect a strong woman, she leaves after a point.

She does not need a prince charming but someone who supports her. An intelligent and smart woman mostly are single as she needs a partner as equal and not someone to save her. Most woman are used to being on their own and this makes them difficult person to be with.

Lose Interest and are Easily Bored

  • In many cases, it is often seen that such woman are carefree and driven by a strong career which makes them lose interest in a man easily.
  • Why are so Many Smart Women Still Single is a million-dollar question? They date men and easily fall out of the zone.
  • When the partner is not fun and interesting, they tend to get bored and go back into their shell of loving their singlehood.
  • A lot of self-sufficient and highly ambitious are scared of the word family and having kids.Marriage is a big factor to turn them off and lose interest.

Does not Put up with Nonsense

Gone are the days when men will men was a phrase globally accepted. Today women does not put up with nonsense and the moment they feel they are not valued, they leave. Most smart and intelligent woman have strong self-respect and they will not stay with liars and manipulators.

Most woman now-a-days will not be with a guy who treat them like option. Smart and intelligent run their own show, they are kind and compassionate, but will not any guy meddle with their life. Most woman who are independent and fierce are self-occupied and does not have space for anyone.

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Tips To Maintain Younger Looks For Life Long Relationship


Physical attraction is important in every relationship. It is certain that couples who spend time maintaining looks, often stay together for a lifetime. Looks help maintain a strong bond of love for years.

Your looks should always be eternal for a healthy relationship. This is vital for any relationship and your efforts have to be worthwhile.

  • Always keep in mind that everything in this world can wait, including your aging process.
  • Don’t let the age affect your hard-earned relationship.
  • Your looks can keep the romancing part alive in your relationship.
  • Both couples must be attracted to each other for years.

Looks is what makes a woman attractive towards men. It is important to put in your efforts so you look young and attractive.

Always accept the validity of your looks

The simple fact is that because you were attractive, so you fell in love in the first place. So it is obvious that looks have the power to influence any relationship. For men, whatever is visible always counts. This is how they see their life partners as well.

Your gorgeous looks can in fact help develop a connection between the two that can be interpersonal. It can guarantee that you stay as happy couples for your lifetime.

Ever existing mutual attraction is important

If you look good then your partner will always be attracted to you. This is one fact that every woman should keep in mind. It certainly is not difficult to figure out what makes a woman attractive. Just like men, even women care about the looks of their partner

So it means mutual attraction between the two may depend on many factors. It includes clothes selection, physical appearance, and style. Both couples eye each other many times, when in groups, functions, or in the bedroom.

If you fade away from your looks, then it is obvious that the love slowly disappears. It is important to look good so the light of attraction can always keep burning. You can stay attracted to each other for your life if you maintain your looks and mutual attraction.

Maintain physical looks

Just like your facial looks, your physical looks are also important. Your physique should have a certain level of gravity for your partner. Your physical looks are what makes a woman attractive to men. This factor is important for marital satisfaction and life long relationship.

You need to continue to nourish your looks for your lifetime. If not, then you will be risking your married life.

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The Qualities In Women Which Are Noticed By Men


It is very natural that women are attracted to men and so do the men. This is why women always want to improvise themselves, particularly their body so that men get attracted to them. But, is it really so? No. Men also notice other features and attributes of a woman other than their physical appearance. 

So, if you are also wondering what makes a good woman attractive to men, then read the article further. 

It is not just about physical appearance

There are many women who think that if they maintain their body and change it, men will get easily attracted to them. Yes, it does happen with some men who look at the physical appearance and not at the inner beauty. But there are men as well who look at the personality and nature of a woman before they approach them. 

Traits noticed by men in women

Here are some of the traits or qualities that men find and notice in a woman which attracts them to women-

  • The self-esteem- Theway a woman treats and carries herself does attract men. If a woman feels beautiful the way she is and held herself with confidence and esteem, then that woman surely attracts men. Men usually don’t get attracted to women who do not love their own selves. 
  • Sense of humour– Men usually notices the sense of humour of a woman as women with a good sense of humour will always compliment men. 
  • Kind hearted– If men are finding women for lasting long relationships, then the trait that they look in a woman is kindness. 
  • Positivity and aspirations– Woman who have aspirations and are full of positivity mostly attract men very easily, because men find for a source of positivity which they find in a woman. 
  • Hair- A natural agent which attracts men in the first go is hair. There are various studies that tell that men like the natural hair of women and they do not like women who have altered their hair. 
  • Walk– A trait which attracts men from a distance is the style with which a woman walks. If a woman walks confidently keeping her head held high and with a slow movement of swinging hands, then a man will definitely get attracted to her. 

By now, you must have understood what makes a good woman attractive to men. There are many other factors and traits which attract men, but if you are also trying to attract men, then don’t change yourself just work on yourself. 

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Little Things You Can Do To Make a Man Happy in Love


Have you ever wondered what are the little things you can do to bring happiness to your man? Do you want to be that perfect woman and share a beautiful relation? Love is something that is beyond romantic gestures. Men are not very complicated beings and little admiration keeps them hooked.

Keeping Your Man Happy and Hooked

Ever wondered how to Keep a Man Happy? Good looks and sweet gestures are something that will not always work. It requires much more beyond that to keep the man happy. Adoration and admiration are two things that will keep him happy. Man love to hear words of appreciation.

You do not have to constantly shower him with affection but tell him what he means to you. The support and kindness are important things when it comes to when a man falls in love with a woman. Men have fragile egos and hence it is important to not make them insecure.

Validate his efforts and Hard Work

Validation is an important way to win his heart. When a man works hard on his goals and achieves something, make sure to praise it. Be the support he needs when times are tough, and things are sailing in wrong direction.

  • Tell him that you are grateful for his presence in your life and stand by him through his tough times.
  • Always support him because man do need a woman in their life to boost them and encourage them through ups and down of life.
  • Give him space when needed and do not cling on to him all the times as it will suffocate them.
  • Surprise him with little things like a warm meal or candlelight dinner or gift him something he wanted to buy.

When men does not feel appreciated, they tend to lose interest and enter in their own shell. This will make them repulsive to you. Hence, always make sure to stand by them and appreciate their presence in your life.

Support him in his plan and Support Silently

There is nothing stronger than silent support. How to Keep a Man Happy is not a tricky thing and all it needs one to be genuine. A genuine man loves woman who are supportive, kind, loving, understanding and have faith in the relationship.

When it comes to a man, he is happy when his woman supports him and lightens up the mood. And when there are disagreements, make sure to resolve it logically without brutally hitting his ego. Never emasculate a man as it will make him angry.

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