June 2021

Interesting relationship advice: How to find a good man for a happy life


At this day and time, love relationships seem to be more problematic and challenging than ever. Let’s face it; almost every woman really wants to know How to Find a Good Man for a Happy Life. No woman wants to live with a guy who has a childlike attitude or who is irresponsible or a cheater. They truly find it difficult to find a man of her life who will respect them.

How do you find a perfect lover who accomplishes all your needs, hopes, dreams, and wishes? Have all the good and reliable men just gone away?

No absolutely no! They exist everywhere. You just need to develop a sense to identify them from the long list of available options.

Actually, the real trick knows how to easily find them and what you require to recognize to keep them attentive and ultimately get them to pledge to a long-term and healthy relationship. If this defines you and you want to truly understand how to find a trustworthy life partner, read on.

Eliminate the fake ones:-

No woman wants to waste her valuable time sorting through a flock of possible marriage applicants. The primary key here is to pick up precisely what you want in a guy, how to appeal to him, and how to get him to wed you.

There are numerous kinds of male personalities and you are required to select which kind is perfect for you. For instance, some females want to lead in a relationship so they might seek a nice guy with a very humble nature.

This is the man who does not mind if you act like a boss in the home, he might even prefer it that way. Maybe he feels happy and peaceful in this way. Other women may seek a husband to whom they see as a solid leader.

Verify the past: In the journey of How to Find a Good Man for a Happy Life, you should not forget to verify the past of a guy you are planning to be in a relationship with. If a guy has a bad past, you should never think to go further in a relationship with that man. A man who cheated a woman in the past can cheat you as well.

After all it is all about your beautiful and precious life, and you should not take any chance!

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3 Simple ways on how to find and keep a good man forever


The common question that comes to the mind of every woman at least once is How to Find and Keep a Good Man, and obviously, all women know it very well that this journey is not as easy as it should be.

However, even in this fake and modern world, finding a good man is feasible and doable! But it will only come true if you maintain a level of patience. There are gentlemen and there are cheaters in gentlemen’s skin so finding the perfect men will take hard work and carefulness and time.

Never hesitate to take your time:

Taking your time can sound impossible or insufficient, especially when age is not on your side merely to share the reality, it will pay off. Experienced people always share that it is better not to wed than to fall into the hand of a bad or fake person.

Your man will control your destiny and your eternity and thus it is very vital to be very careful.

Take good care of yourself:

No matter what you want in your life, this is the most significant thing in life. Taking care of yourself means taking your overall health seriously. Rest well, eat healthy and balanced, and try to avoid or cut down stress. You must understand that people age so fast when they are under high stress.

If you look dull and unhappy, you will be obnoxious and less charming. A smileless face cannot attract anybody, no matter how rich and successful you are.

Physical appearance matters:

This is a typical and very correct phrase, if you are not a good-looking person, you can understand this well. However, it does not mean that you cannot attract a guy if you are not a good-looking girl or have a dull complexion or have a fat body or small height. You are still in the game if you have a great positive attitude that reflects your personality.

It means to dress up really well. Have some trendy and appealing hairdo! And for this, you need not purchase expensive dresses, ornaments, perfume, or makeup. Just try to dress up elegantly and coolly according to your age, body style, and current fashion.

You must feel comfortable and confident whatever you wear and carry! If you can understand this simple thing your journey of How to Find and Keep a Good Man will truly become simple and enjoyable!

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May 2021

Ways on How to Attract the Right Man to make your love life happy


If you are frustrated by living in a relationship with men who turn out to be wicked for you, then it is about high time for you to actually understand How to Attract the Right Man into your life.

Going from one unfortunate and painful relationship to another will only wear down your self-assurance and dishearten you from chasing what could be a healthy and good relationship. Knowing how to break this cycle of disenchantment will let you move on positively and find out that special someone who will treat you with love and care and keep you happy always.

If you have not questioned about this by now, it is already high time for you to figure out why you keep zigzagging up with the bad men. Is there a physical characteristic that attracts you to them or is it a certain personality peculiarity that they all have in common? However, no matter whatever the case is, this is not right for you in any cas

Are you fascinated by men with hitches that you think you can resolve or with personalities that you think you can alter or improve? Take some time to reproduce your unsuccessful love relationships so that you can determine where you keep going off beam when it comes to selecting a man for a love life. This way, you will be able to evade making the same common error in the future.

When you know why you have been having distress and are prepared to make some variations and improvements, then you will be perfectly ready to learn the skills of attracting a nice man into your love life. If you have been following a certain tactic to attract a good man, then consider altering your way.

To understand How to Attract the Right Man, you can even take some suggestions from your parents, relatives, and friends who are married and enjoying a happy life with their partners. The experience of other couples is the best way to understand what things should be avoided and what things should be followed in order to select the right life partner and live a happy life.

This idea will certainly make your life partner search journey easy and error-free!

For more useful information on this vital topic, you can go through our blogs that are written by experienced people.

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10 Life Hacks That Will Make You A Happy Man


You might think it would be money or fame to make you a happy man. Well, think again—the perfect way to explore some happiness with the world. A day of joy is much more than a fun celebration; it also reminds us that the world is a better place to be happy, connect with and care about the people around us.

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Here are some of the life hacks that will make you feel happier and a better man. This way- you can always find better relationships and be happy with your partners.

  1. Get Outside

How’s the weather today around you? It would be best if you had vitamin D, which plays an integral part in everything from testosterone and fat loss to good health. Even just a short walk in the park is proven to be more effective for your happiness.

If you can’t get outside your location, bring the outside to you. Surrounding yourself with plants can make you happier and reduce stress levels.

  1. Do Yoga

Whether you’re a lifter or a runner, one thing is for sure: Yoga makes you feel a lot better. Yoga can be challenging, but it’s worth a try.

The focus on breathing, in general, can reduce stress and increase your happiness levels, stop you from being sick, and ramp up your production of happy hormones.

Attaining these traits will help you find how to find a good man for a happy life.

  1. Travel More

Traveling more is indeed one of the only things you buy that truly makes you more prosperous and happier. You get to see the entire world, meet lots of different people, while getting to know your self.

  1. Laugh Every day

In case you’re not laughing together, find something or someone to laugh with. When you laugh, you produce and release a happy hormone called oxytocin. This hormone uplifts us as we share experiences with others.

  1. Positive Vibes

Don’t waste your time on being negative at all. Try to focus on the positive aspects of life and be grateful for even the little ones. Before you go to sleep every day, consider three things that you’re genuinely thankful for. Try thinking of three specific things.

You may think that this is some bullshit, but the fact is that: A grateful mindset along with positive vibes boosts your mood as a whole.

  1. Avoid Regrets

As mentioned before, you must try to avoid wasting your time on any negative energy you find. Learn to forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made in the relationship, make others, and move on. However, you can avoid making huge mistakes by thinking twice about stuff before doing it.

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Nice Guys or Bad Boys: What Do Women Want?


We have previously talked about the confusion around what women truly want and their dissatisfaction in modern dating in our blog. There, we have explained how this creates a double-bind situation for men as well. Ultimately, this leaves everyone feeling afraid and hesitant to date even after they find someone interesting. The confusion leads to ideas such as “good guys finish last,” the friend zone, and hardships with friendships too.

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Underlying this confusion are the mixed signals and notions sent in modern society. Everyone is quite uncertain about what women want in a relationship. Is it the “good guy” who treats a woman well and takes care of her needs? Really? Or, is it the “bad boy” with his masculine body and bad habits that make a woman’s heart pound?

What Women Ideally Want

Our relationship experts explored women’s mate preferences. They gave married couples questionnaires that assessed their preferences for a mate, if not their spouse. Results indicated that most of the women in the study desired men with bad traits in the following ways:

Good Genes – Men who are more physically attractive, good-looking, fit, and good in bed.

Good Investment – Men who have high potential income, are highly educated and are older than them.

Good Parenting – Men who want to build a home and family are much more fascinated by women, who want to raise children, and are emotionally mature.

Good Partner – Men who are loving all the time

Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losers

Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losersis still not clear. Our researchers also found significant correlations between the women’s physical attractiveness levels with their expectations of male partners on each of the traits. They found that women who are a little more attractive than the rest want it all. Less attractive women, in contrast, tended to lower their expectations on all traits across the board, settling for a bit less in each aspect.

However, the experts hypothesized that depending on the situation, some women might employ a mixed-mating strategy. Rather than settling for lesser ideal traits in one single man, these women would mate with more than just one man. Usually, this would involve short-term sex, flings, single parenting, sometimes cheating, and more to get good genes from a fit man while getting investment, parenting, and financial needs being taken care of from another man. Such an arrangement of a relationship would most likely occur when 1) the woman was lower in her own ethics and mate value and could not secure an ideally good guy, and 2) her situation allowed her to have multiple partners without penalty or consequences.

Thus, women seem to want both the nice and bad boys, or maybe somewhat in between. Ideally, they want to have all of the mentioned traits in one man without growing to that level. If they cannot find a single man to fit the checklist, they might settle for less all around or mix-and-match between the two types.

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