June 2021

Why smart women are more likely to be single


One of the best qualities in women is intellect. Women with high intelligence are more likely to be single than in any committed relationship. Multiple researchers and psychologists have been curious to understand this for decades now. Studies suggest that a sense of independence and financial freedom makes women less susceptible to any adversities that they would otherwise settle for. Another major reason stated in the books is the fragile male ego. However, we still want to find the real reason why are so many smart women still single.

Certainly, having the right partner makes life easier, but a smart woman is perfectly capable of doing that for herself. She needs someone who compliments her freedom and sense of lifestyle. One of the major reasons why they prefer to stay single instead of looking for how to find a good man book is because of the frequency of unhealthy relationships around.

Smart women are mostly unwilling to settle for anything less than perfect, their personal or professional lives. They don’t want to waste time with someone who doesn’t add value to their lives. Moreover, they aren’t very easy to impress. Superficial things like a luxury car, millions of dollars, and others won’t impress her. She chooses substance over style.

Towards the end, we also like to conclude that smart women are often too busy to date. Hence, not so easily available for things crucial to building strong relationships.

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April 2021

Irresistible Bad Boy Traits That Women Love


Bad boys are like complex carbohydrates, unhealthy yet tasty. You can blame hormones for tricking women into being attracted to bad men. You must understand how to find a good man for a happy life before dwelling to the bad guys. However, we can’t tell you what to do. If bad boys are your thing, you’ve come to the right place. You never know- the bad guys may be your right one. This article covers why women choose bad boys and losers (a list of all the traits):

‘Nice’ generally stands for not happening when it comes to women. But that’s okay. We have got you covered. This article covers a few traits that women like, and these are surprisingly all lousy boy traits.

–         They dare to take risks

They’re risk-taking and thrill-loving species. In case a bad boy wants to talk to you, he’ll probably walk over to you and ask you out. There’s no hiding, and this courage excites women very much.

–         They don’t care about what anyone thinks of them

It takes a lot of guts not to care about being accepted. Also, it takes a carefree attitude to keep up with women. And finally, they don’t settle. They are who they are- and they are proud of that.

–         They are unpredictable

You would never know what these men are up to. They don’t care about societal norms or peer pressure. All they know is what’s best for them. The element of surprise here intrigues ladies.

– They’re true to themselves

They don’t need to pretend. Their strong personalities make them win in any scenario, no matter what.  If there’s anything that you should admire about the good guys out there is that most of them are selfish in real.  They are mostly friendly to you because of a plan. Or, they’re too afraid to show their authentic self. However, with bad men, girls know what they are dealing with.

– They’re unique

Bad boys have their sense of style, be it in their attire or their own beliefs. They are original and distinctive and hit the female brain right away.

–         They don’t need anyone

Of course, they have their hobbies. Their pursuits give them an upper hand as it intrigues women. Also, their hard-to-get game makes it even more attractive for women.

–         They make you feel beautiful

No matter how independent a woman gets, she would want to hear compliments and submit to her man. The problem here is that finding the right guys who do that aren’t easy to find.

–         Their confidence is their superpower

The most attractive bad boy trait is his confidence. They wear that on their sleeves. Most women seldom link the faith to money, status, power, and appearance. Average men generally slave for such validations to boost up their confidence.

Women, however, test this confidence more now than ever. It’s their way of filtering out the right men.

–         They don’t try too much

Bad boys won’t have a problem walking away from you in case a woman isn’t interested. Instead of being desperate for something, they choose to take the high road.

Again, it’s another sign linked to their confidence, making women curious and attracted.

–         They are pretty dangerous

The bad tattoos, the smoking, the muscles, the brooding eyes, the deep low voice – all of it subconsciously tells women that a man is strong and capable of protection.

– They’re rarely boring

Bad boys aren’t afraid to cause trouble- and women know how to deal with that. What they can’t stand in guys are their mundane lifestyles. They prefer drama.

–         They dominate over you

They have what it takes to take charge when needed.  Also, it’s looked upon as a leadership quality, and leaders make their partners feel safe.

All in all, sometimes, the bad guys may seem selfish. In case you want to search for your Mr. right, contact our team of relationship experts and let us sort things for you.

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Traits that Make a Guy Attractive


It is no secret that the modern dating world is really challenging, and when you are not found physically attractive by women, you will have a much harder time finding a partner. Many studies and research materials like the journal of personality and social psychology give a detailed analysis of how attraction works.

But what we are covering in this article is what makes a man attractive to women. Moreover, we will also be talking about how to find a good man eBook thereby. Based on studies from the journal of personality and social psychology, psychological science, physical attractiveness goes far beyond physical attraction or even facial beauty. However, it is a large part of how attraction works. There are many other factors that women also find attractive.

What Makes a Man Attractive To Women

Some physical characteristics have more to do with personal style and preference than face structures. Here are some other characteristics that matter for men.

#1 Facial Hair

Although many men prefer facial hair because it is a pain to keep trimmed and can be itchy, cross-cultural studies have found that women are much more attracted to men with facial hair. This is based on a couple of cross-cultural studies on evolution. Results show that men with kempt facial hair were perceived to be more attractive for females.

#2 Sincerity

In the world of hook-up culture in which people seem to be more interested in casual sex and dating, there are only a few men out there who still remember what sincerity means. When a man is making sincere efforts in his actions and interactions, it becomes a real game changer for women. Given the state of psychology of most people today, even if you’re only trying to be physically attractive for short-term, being open about your intentions is one of the easiest ways to attract women.

#3 Ability to tell a good story or to make people laugh

Women love it when a guy is expressive, and is able to make her laugh.  Based on the recent findings, being a good storyteller also means that you are a good communicator, which is what most women dig for. Finding a good guy with all of these traits is really rare though.

#4 Body Hair

While men prefer their women to be without body hair, women clearly find the opposite more attractive in men. Studies on human behaviour, University of California suggest that a little bit of chest hair slightly visible through V-neck shirt can do wonders for your dating life. This contributes to the overall attractiveness of a potential love partner.

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Visit a reliable blog site to get interesting tips to find a good life partner


Everyone needs a life partner to live a happy and fulfilling life. But unfortunately, finding a good life partner is one of the most difficult things, especially for honest and innocent women. If you really want to understand How to Find a Good Man for a Happy Life, then you should either take the aid of a professional counsellor or try to get some experience from the cases of other couples like your parents, your grandparents, and couples in your relatives and friends.

If you focus on the journey of your parents or grandparents, then you will certainly learn lots of things about how to deal with all the challenges of love life in a perfect and easy way. You can even talk to them directly and can discuss all the things that you have in the mind like your doubts, fears, queries, and all other things.

These tricks will certainly aid you a lot to understand how to find and keep a good life partner forever. Even today you can go online to find a partner in life. If you have no idea about How to Find a Good Guy Online, then you should explore through our blog site that is How To Find and Keep A Good Man.

Our blog portal is a very reliable place from where you can gather lots of useful and interesting information about dealing with love life and finding a good life partner. Our blogs are very useful for all types of women and even men.

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February 2021

Some key steps to keep your man happy always


Do you have a boyfriend or a hubby? Do you want to make your love relationship very strong and long-lasting? Do you want to know how to keep your male partner always happy? Does he seem unsociable or distracted? Are you concerned that your love relationship might be on thin ice?

Approximately every relationship has its’ ups and downs, and you must always keep this thing in mind. Although enlightening a love relationship does take struggle, the rewards of working through issues are well worth the endeavour. There are smart steps you can take right away to make your relationship better.

If you are worried about how to keep your guy happy, then recommit is one of the main steps you can take. Good and positive changes are all about you. Recall how you were when the two of you first started dating each other, and deem what you look after to make him commit in the initial phase. By recommitting yourself with full honesty, you take the first and very significant step toward transforming your relationship.

In order to learn How to Keep Your Man Happy, you also need to concentrate on all his needs and desires in the right way. No matter how mature a man is, he loves to be cared for. If you have some uncertainties about how to keep him happy, then spend some time trying to figure out what he needs, emotionally and physically.

Maybe your partner simply desires that the two of you could spend some quality time together. If he often voices his distress over the mode your time is spent, redefine your importance. You can try to prepare his favourite dinner, especially if you have not done it earlier, and be sure to put your true feelings into it. Arrange a table with full love, and you will soon be reaping the love life.

For some modern women, it is not so difficult to recognize How Attract a Man, but for many women, it is a big challenge. But there is no need to worry at all. After all, there are so many simple and very effective tips available that you can implement in order to impress and make your love partner happy. To get a more and detailed idea about such tricks and tips, you can go through the informative blogs available at this online portal.

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