April 2021

Tips and Tricks to keep a younger woman happy


There’s a lot of nudge-nudge-wink-wink that goes on when it comes to older people dating those half their age. However, the general perception is that older man dating younger women have things more straightforward when compared to vice versa. And we are not here to determine if that’s true.

It seems to enhance their appeal, which can be seen in the awe-struck reactions of people to older celebrities dating younger girls. For instance, Leonardo DiCaprio is often spoken about as one of the Hollywood actors in this regard. He was involved with a couple of models half his age and was quite vocal about the same. On the contrary, there are several people in the world still aiming to find single women near them.

While it may seem all rosy for an older man to have a younger woman hanging on to his arm, it is not that easy. There are some challenges that the age difference naturally brings along.

Seema Hingorrany, the clinical psychologist, adds, “A man dating a younger woman needs to understand that there would be differences in terms of personality development, maturity, experience, and much more. However, the conflicts would only arise if this becomes a problem for anyone in the relationship” There’s more, so this article would help a man keep certain factors in mind to keep a younger girl happy.

Try to do things that surprise her. You might end up being surprised too!

Sharing common interest works wonders. Another expert and Counsellor, Pratima Bhandarkar, sheds light on the same, “You would end up pushing her away by broaching certain things that she doesn’t care for, or can’t relate to, due to the age or probably generation gap. Dating a younger woman can make you try new things and compell you to step outside your comfort zone.

Don’t always be in charge of her.

When you’re dating a younger woman, you naturally tend to take responsibility for her actions or take charge. This is exactly where most of these relationships go wrong. You need to be mindful of the fact that she can handle herself. Our relationship experts believe that though young girls may lose interest when they are underestimated. You have to make her realize that you hold her in high regard and that she is important to you. Accept that despite the age difference, you two are equals.

Communicate calmly, avoid ego hassles

The ‘been there, done that feeling creeps in easily for the man and might not come across favorably to the woman. In some relationships, the girl, being younger, may romanticize the relationship way more. She might start living in an ideal world that the guy doesn’t even have an idea about. As a good man, you should learn to communicate with your girl and learn to keep her happy and in love forever.

Be non-judgmental about her

Going out with a girl from a n altogether different generation does have its limitations. What she may find exciting might bore you. Experts believe that when a man is patient, the relationships always work better, no matter what the age.

Be honest about your life- Be transparent.

Clichéd as it sounds; honesty is the best policy for your love life, especially when you are thinking of a future with her. You may contact our experts to know everything about how to attract a younger woman and make her happy in a relationship.

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Uncommon tips to help you find a great boyfriend online


It’s all about setting the scene when it comes to finding a good guy online. You’ve already realized by now that looking for a successful partnership is a waste of time. You can look for your ideal good guy online as much as you want, but the more you sift through a sea of possible suitors, the more you’ll come across poor match after poor match.

How to find a good guy online

Although the action is preferable to inaction, the quality of your move is equally important. There is a happy medium between forcing yourself to look for a relationship and just waiting for one to fall into your lap.

If you look around, you’d find that most people in stable relationships did so without putting in much effort. They do, after all, put effort into the relationship once it was established, but the search seemed easy.

People have a lot of success when they set the stage for a positive relationship to develop and then wait for people to approach them. What made the difference was how they treated dating. They didn’t even want to date a lot of the time.

Consider this: People come and go in your life all the time. Since men are everywhere, there is a lot of hope for finding a good one. If you do not see the right match, the problem is not that you aren’t looking hard enough–it’s that you’re not living the kind of life that attracts the right person for you.

You might believe you’re concentrating on the positive qualities you want in a guy, but chances are you’re not. The majority of people aren’t. People sometimes mistakenly believe they are looking for a “healthy boyfriend” when trying to escape bad ones.

It’s just that you aren’t aware of it. Few people can do it without enough practice, and even then, our preferences can change at any time. Many people have mental lists of qualities they want in a partner. But all of that is just theory, and as you gain more dating experience, you’ll realize how much of it is useless.

Don’t just think about what you want in a guy. Please do something about it. Don’t just speculate about what constitutes a “good guy” for you. To better understand relationships, you must get out there and interact with a variety of people.

To answer your question about how to find a good boyfriend, you must take your principles and personal limits seriously, even if he doesn’t share them. Contact our experts to know more about finding a good guy online.

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The Ultimate Guide to Building A Healthy Relationship


Want to feel loved and more emotionally synced with your partner? This article covers a few tips that can help you build and keep a romantic and healthy relationship. Our team of experts can also suggest ways to get and keep a good man. Contact our experts to know more.

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All relationships go through their ups and downs, and they all take effort to work. Your ideal love partner should be committed and willing to adapt to changes even if you’ve experienced many failed relationships in the past or have struggled before rekindling the romance in your current relationship. You can always find ways to stay synced and enjoy ever-lasting happiness/joy.

What makes a perfect tick for a healthy relationship?

Every relationship is unique in itself, and people stick to one another for varied reasons. A small part of what defines a healthy relationship is sharing a common goal precisely. Your long-term goals and how you want to settle in life should be mutual. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to think of building a long healthy relationship. And that’s something you’ll only get to know by talking profoundly and being honest with your love partner.

However, in this article, we cover what most healthy relationships usually comprise. Also, we cover how to get a good man. Knowing these essential traits can help keep your relationship meaningful and exciting, no matter what goals you’re working towards. If you’re transparent with each other, you’ll end up living a long, happy life with your partner. Make each other feel loved.

When you feel valued, it makes you feel accepted. Some relationships always end up in peaceful coexistence, but without the partners genuinely understanding each other, either emotionally or spiritually. While the union may seem stable, a lack of ongoing emotional connection only leads to distance.

Some couples talk things out subtly, while others may raise their voices against each other and disagree. The key to a healthy relationship, however, is not to be fearful of conflict. It would be best if you felt safe to express things that bother you without fear of retaliation and be able to resolve the dispute without humiliation, degradation, or insisting on being the proper relationship that’s healthy, happy, and satisfying.

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A Scientific Study Reveals Reasons why women choose bad boys more often!


Yes, you read it right. Women tend to fall for bad boys more often, and we have a scientific study to prove that. Many people believe that women are naturally attracted to find dark personalities more thrilling and attractive. Although conventional wisdom affirms that women should beware of the men who make them think they’re toxic ones.

A study proposed and led by Gregory Louis Carter from the University of Durham might have some answers. This might also lead to an appropriate response on “How to attract the right man?”

Research reveals that more men than women possess the Dark Triad personality traits – narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellism.  Hallmarks of narcissism include dominance, self-entitlement, and a grandiose self-view. Studies overwhelmingly show that narcissism is more significant in men, even across different cultures/religions.

Moreover, it is believed that narcissism may lead to short-term mating in men, as it involves “a willingness to compete with one’s sex, and to repel mates right after intercourse.”

In line with these abilities, narcissists are adept at beginning new relationships and identifying multiple mating opportunities. They are also less monogamous.

Now, the question of why women choose bad boys and losers after all?

To investigate, Carter and his team presented 128 female undergraduates with descriptions of two types of men. One of them was the Dark Triads, and the other is the controls. The high Dark Triad includes a desire for attention, admiration, and prestige; the manipulation, exploitation, and flattery of others; a lack of morality concerns and sensitivity.

The controls, however, were utterly contrasting to the Dark Triad personalities.

What did the study find? Why exactly do women choose bad boys and losers more often? Women actually found Dark Triad personalities way more attractive than the controls. This answers your question precisely.

In conclusion, this study leads to a growing body of research unveiling women’s desires. On the one hand, women express wanting a relationship with a loving and committed partner for the long term. On the other hand, however, they show attraction to men with darker personalities, typically for a short time. It is critical to recognize that the demands of evolution have shaped this dynamic. Also, for the women who fall for bad boys—and the men who love them—these insights may help untangle this paradox.

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March 2021

5 Great Ways to Attract a Man Emotionally


In a relationship, one of the main components is emotional intimacy which keeps the man invested for a longer period. There are numerous women who are worried about how to compete with young women meeting with their men daily. This is a natural feeling about insecurity about losing their cute husband. But they don’t know that physical attraction cannot keep a relationship or marriage for long.

So, if you want to strengthen your relationship, then you should learn How to Attract a Man Emotionally. Here are some innovative ways that will help you create an emotional connection with man: –

  1. Create Meaningful Eye Contact

The foundation of an emotional attraction is not story-based or content based; but it is feeling based. Just make a meaningful eye contact with your man to know what he has to say.

  1. Share Your Experiences

Talk to him as much as possible. Share your feelings, fears, and secrets with him. You should let him know that he is just like his hero. Nobody wants to open his or her heart if other person is closed. If you express your feelings with him, he will surely do that.

  1. Spend Quality Time Together

If you want to know How to Keep a Good Man in Life Forever and make an emotion connection, then you should spend quality time together. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend time round the clock. But you should take out sometime for him to make a connection.

  1. Create Shared Interests

To make an emotional connection, you need to create shared interests. If you know that he loves swimming or hiking, then just join him. You both will enjoy these activities a lot.

  1. Give Him Attention

Your presence is powerful. It is not necessary that you should have a deep conversation to make an emotional connection and attraction with someone. Be fully attuned and present to what the person wherein you have interest in saying can communicate genuine interest and care.

Over the web, there is a blog that contains useful insights and information on how to find and keep a good man. It also gives a lot of recommendations for the products wherein we trust. What’s more, their team puts a lot of efforts and time for this. Also, they add new resources and content on the site. If you want to create a strong relationship with your spouse or partner, then you should read their blog.

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