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Signs Of A Healthy Relationship


Healthy relationships bring out the best in you- making you feel good about yourself. A healthy relationship doesn’t mean a “perfect” relationship, and no one is healthy 100% of the time. Still, these signs below are behaviors you should strive for in all of your healthy relationships.

They manifest themselves as healthy communication; another essential part of a healthy relationship is to love yourself.

Here are some characteristics and traits on how to build a healthy relationship.

Comfortable and Steady Pace

The relationship moves at a specific pace that feels enjoyable for each individual. It’s usual to want to spend a lot of time with someone when you first meet them, but you must be both on the same page with how the relationship is moving forward. In a healthy relationship, you’re not rushed in a way that makes you feel changed.


You must be confident that your partner won’t do anything to hurt the relationship or you. Trust comes quickly in a healthy relationship, and you don’t have to question your partner’s intentions. You will always have their back and vice versa. They very well respect your privacy and would never put you through loyalty tests.

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You can be candid without fearing how your partner responds. In a healthy relationship, you must feel like you can share the whole truth about your life and feelings with one another – you never have to hide things. They may not like what you need to say but will legally respond to bad news.


You have space to be your true self outside of the relationship. The other person should support your hobbies. The other person doesn’t need to be involved in each part of your life. Having freedom means being independent to do you and giving your partner the same.


You value each other’s beliefs and love one another for who you are. You feel comfortable setting boundaries for each other and are confident that the other person will respect them. They cheer for you when you achieve a milestone, support your hard work, and appreciate you.


The relationship feels well-balanced, and everyone puts the same effort into the success of your relationship. You don’t let one person’s preferences dominate, and instead, you make adjustments when you don’t want the same thing. You feel like your needs and interests are just as important as the other person’s. Sometimes you might put more in the relationship than your partner, but the outcome always feels even.


You are caring and empathetic towards one another and provide comfort. In a healthy relationship, the other partner would do things that they know will make you happy. Kindness should be a two-way street–it’s a give and takes in your relationship. You show love and compassion for the other person and the things they care about.

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How to keep your husband happy


A happy marriage seems like a fairy tale, especially to our generation. Many of today’s wives keep complaining left and right about their husbands’ shortcomings. So, you must be thinking about how to keep your husband happy to make things a little better.

“Our role is not to fix our husband but to reflect the wrong in the marriage. The game changes when wives make it their aim to bring joy to the wedding. Once the realization steps in, it’s all about what have I done for you lately and not what you have done for me? Instead of being disappointed in your husband’s deeds, you may experience peace knowing that you are doing him good.

And guess what, you can attest that respecting your spouse and practice makes him happy when you start respecting your spouse and tradition. He will turn around and love you just right back around.

Here are the best ways how to keep your husband happy:

Make love a top priority

Women understand that sexual fulfillment is the most critical need of a husband. But do your actions show that you know it? Maybe you’ve taken care of the kids, made dinner, and even endured his favorite movie. Compared to the other women, you know, you’re doing quite well. Yet you may not be paying attention to his sexual needs.

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Make your home a heaven.

When your hubby walks in the door, he should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. He’s finally home. Think of how you can greet your husband in different ways every day. Make your house a place where your husband wants to come back.

Respect all your man’s needs.

What your husband needs is perhaps what you have discounted. It may be sexual, quality time, the cookies, or doing activities together. It would help if you did not get defensive when your husband voices a definite need. Listen instead and act positively to meet that needs in the best way possible.

Let your man lead

The idea of being submissive has many women up in arms. The New Testament talks clearly in three passages that we wives submit to our husbands as unto the Lord. This doesn’t mean you become a doormat. What it means is that you should respect your husband’s role as the leader of the family.

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April 2021

Does Having A Girlfriend Make A Man Attractive


Evolutionary studies suggest that being in a relationship is something what makes a man more attractive to women. There are multiple theories on the same. Women seeking love partners seem to choose men already in another relationship. It’s a notion in psychology but based on the scientific hypothesis that heterosexual women practice “mate choice copying.” Females save time and energy by finding a worthy mate by selecting one previously picked by others.

Researchers have documented mate-choice copying in animals from rodents to birds to fish. But whether humans do, is more ambiguous.

Females can assess male genes based on physical or behavioural clues, like sexy mating dances.Experiments to detect mate in humans generally go like: Researchers ask volunteers to rate the desirability of a person shown in photos.

It is crucial to understand how to get and keep a good man before everything else. This is why multiple studies suggest common traits that make a man more attractive.

Moreover, a majority of studies tested heterosexual cisgender women’s impressions of men with female partners. Most test subjects have been undergraduates at Western universities — enrolled in psychology classes — as is valid with much research in the field.

So, claims about humans, in general, should be viewed with caution until more data exists from people of diverse ages, cultures, education levels, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

For example, a 2018 Scientific Reports paper included opinions from 49 females to rate the attractiveness of photos showing male faces, male hands, and abstract art on a scale of 1 to 100. Next, each woman saw the distribution of scores from other participants as an indication of popular opinion. The overall initial rating of faces moved 13 points toward the group average. But the same was true for the hands (13 points) and abstract art (14 points). The copying extended beyond mates.

If so, evaluators should believe — consciously or subconsciously — that men in relationships have positive qualities apparent to their partners but not apparent to onlookers. They must be thinking something like, “He’s no looker, but must have a great ____ if she’s with him.” Into the blank insert personality, mind, sex drive, bank account, et cetera, based on the relationship.

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Sweet and Simple Secrets to Keep Your Man Happy


In real life, love knows a person’s face, noticing how their eyes flash when they’re excited, or how they like to be caressed when they’re happy and how to get through brutal conflicts together.

We’ve gathered a fun list for you to let you know about the little things women like in a big way. Regardless of whether you’re married or in a relationship, if you’ve got a good man, he deserves to feel appreciated and loved too.

Here are some ways how to keep a man happy in real life:

  1. Compliment him all the time

Where did we get the notion that it’s only the women who like to be appreciated or be told they look good?

We always tend to have the idea that guys are more secure about their looks. Most often think that guys don’t care about things like what they wear or whether their new haircut looks good.

It’s easy to sort this: Tell him the good stuff as soon as it comes to you.Tell him he looks hot when he least expects it.Tell him how much you love his smell.

  1. Appreciate what he does for you

If your partner comes back home tired, tell him you appreciate him. We ensure that there are days when he thinks about giving up. But he doesn’t.

Breadwinning is a tremendous responsibility for any person and is even more important when it comes to men. Their earning ability is often correlated to their value in our community. As bad as that sounds, it’s only made worse when you don’t recognize his efforts.

What you can do: Tell him that you understand that it’s hard to keep up and that you’re with him every step of the way. It’s not about the money—yours or his—it’s about acknowledging something society usually takes for granted.

  1. Make time for things he likes

It’s easy: Nurture your desire for him.Choose to fantasize about a time you were together.Heap all that desire upon him when you have the next opportunity to be together, alone.

  1. Be Supportive of his alone time

You need to ensure that you respect his alone time. Let him go when he wants his own space, and enjoy his interests otherwise.

In conclusion, following these tips on how to keep your man happy will work wonders for you no matter how many years pass. Contact our team to know more about how to find and keep a good man online.

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How Can You Find Your Ideal Love Partner


How to find love partner is the product of chance, the proper mindset, and a healthy dose of positive energy. The relationship you can cultivate from a perfect relationship can make life more fun. Of course, in no way can it be forced. This article covers some ways how you can find the right love partner!

How to find a right man

Way #1: Get out there!

There are plenty of other ways to engage with new people. One of the best ways is by participating in sports and social activities you’re interested in. For instance, start attending that open mic night you’ve been tempted to check out. Weekly events are significant because you’ll begin to recognize people.

Join a co-ed sports/ social team. Don’t worry about competitiveness. You’ll be super lucky if you meet someone and get to know that you love their personality. In case you’re scared to ask them out, you can try including more people in the plan.

Start volunteering and participating in groups. Multiple groups and organizations conduct regular events around you that you’re not even probably aware of. Look where you can volunteer, and then take it from there. Not only will people likely meet with similar perspectives, but people also find compassion and selflessness attractive.

Attend social media gatherings. When you’re invited to any social meeting, go!

Way #2: Be conscientious, social, and friendly.

People tend to pursue a romance with those similar to themselves and different in specific important ways. 3. Know that people tend to find conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness attractive. Calm down. Be aware of your instincts. Learn not to overthink and add to your stress and nervousness. This is a basic necessity for your peace of mind and will also increase your attractiveness.

Way #3: Admire people? Spend more alone time with them.

Pay attention to what traits you respect and the kinds of personalities you enjoy being with. Plus, hanging out with people you admire opens up new ways of being inspired and meet people with similar interests. Ensure to introduce yourself in a friendly but confident manner. Even if you don’t want to be romantically involved with the person, be nice to them and let them know what you’re up to, always! You can always get to know more ways of finding the right man and love partner for yourself by getting in touch with our experts. We assist you in every way possible, to help you meet your soulmate.

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