September 2021

Improve your relationship by understanding what makes a man attractive to women


Love relationship gives great pleasure and a feeling of completeness to both men and women. However, unfortunately, this important and lovely relationship is full of challenges and sometimes it becomes very difficult for most of the women to understand How to Keep Husband Happy all the time.

Many women think that it is actually not possible to keep a partner always happy. But if you give proper attention to your relationship it will not be very difficult for you to keep your partner always happy and your relationship strong and appealing always.

You should know some tricks that you can use to handle the bad situation of your relationship. If you have no idea about such tips and tricks, then you can contact a relationship counsellor to actually understand How to Keep a Man Enjoyable and happy in a love relationship. These counsellors are indeed very intelligent and skilled in handling all the problems of a love relationship with great perfection. You just need to give them some basic idea about your relationship with them in order to get some expert recommendations and help to improve your relationship.

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August 2021

7 Proven Tips on How to Find a Good Partner Online


When it comes to getting into a relationship, the new concept is dating. If you don’t have any idea about online dating, then the below tips are just for you.

    1. Firstly, you should create an impressive profile. In your profile, you should display all the relevant information. Keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression. So, you should represent the best side on your profile. Give the readers a clear picture of your personality.
    2. We all know that men are visual creatures. So, you should upload a picture that shows you are confident. Also, you should never upload your sluttish photographs.
    3. Show your positive attitude and fun nature. Keep in mind that men get attracted to women who have a great sense of humor.
    4. Use chat rooms to get an idea about your prospects. You can enter these rooms and seeking the right partner there.
    5. It is not so easy to show confidence when online. However, you can demonstrate it via chats and emails. So, you can ask for these details, but you should not force him if he refuses.
    6. Go to online dating websites and let your prospects know what activities you love to do. What’s more, you can share with them what achievements you have earned. However, you should not share all the details on your first chat.
    7. Make sure that you have signed up on a reliable website. Over the web, you may find numerous websites that are free, but they are good for dating.

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6 Proven Ways to Have a Happy Marital Life


Today, there are so many women who find themselves unhappy with their relationships. They don’t have any idea how to keep husband happy and have a great marital life. If you are feeling the same, then you should know some great ways that will help you stay happily married. Let’s check out what are these ways: –

  1. First of all, you should know what makes you upset. The top reason behind this is that he has an idea about your area of growth or weaknesses. Be honest with yourself for your area of growth. For instance, if you don’t like to do any task, then ask yourself ‘why?’.


  1. Forgive your husband constantly. You should give him a chance to grow and the space that he needs. If you don’t like something about your partner, just discuss it with him. But it should not be serial adultery and abuse. Instead, you can get help from a counselor or a coach who specializes in this area.


  1. If you are having some problem with your marriage life, then just try everything to save it. Before jumping to a conclusion, you should have knowledge about the case.


  1. No matter, whatever the situation is, you should never blame each other. Try to find out the main cause of your marital problem.


  1. To build a healthy relationship, you should have in-depth conversation with your husband and try to find his strongest points. Take some steps to involve in some activities together. Even, you can plan a trip to his favorite destination.


  1. Last but not least. Give some space to each other. With a healthy relationship, you can ensure a happy married life. On the other hand, a bad relationship can cause a lot of drama, accidents, and stress.

Hope the above top tips will aid you to save your relationship!

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Build a Lasting & Healthy Married Life with These Valuable Tips


Every person wants to maintain a blissful and harmonious relationship with his/her partner. When you are in a relationship, you wish to maintain that flicker and spark with you and your spouse as well. If we talk about good and stable marriage, it can be nurtured to grow in a great way. Building a strong relationship requires plenty of time, love, and a lot of commitment.

All of us know that marriages are made in heaven. So, your fights are limited, you both guys are spending quality time with each other, and your finances are stable. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to make your relationship better and help you build a lasting and healthy married life.

Considering How to Build Good Relationship? You just need to come up with great ways without any selfishness. When it comes to marriage, two different people think about the welfare of each other all the time. Sometimes, you have to give priority to your partner‘s needs instead of yours. In the relationship, it is always crucial to keep the communication open. It applies to both things – bad and good which are happening in our daily lives.

In a marriage, there is a genuine connection between you and your spouse. You should spend some time together to make your relationship strong. Being a couple, you should discuss your expenditure as well as savings. Instead, you both together can decide your monthly budget and try to stick to it. Besides, you should let your partner know how grateful you’re. You can express your feelings by just saying him ‘a simple thanks’. If you hesitate, then you can write it in on a small piece of paper and slip it into his pocket.

Ensure that you let your spouse feel what he or she needs. Most people love the feeling of being needed at times. Also, you do not need to get involved with work, hobbies, or organizations. This may create conflict and ruin your relationship. If you want to know How to Attract a Man Emotionally, then you can read online blogs that have an extensive collection of articles that are related to relationship matters.

At How to Find and Keep a Good Man, we have useful insights and information on how to find and keep a Good Man. If you are struggling to find a good partner, then you should read our blog posts. So, what are you thinking? Just log on to our website now!

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Find Out a Good Man that is Emotionally Connected with You


Physical attraction and emotional attraction – both are different concepts for men that can’t be overlapping one another. If we talk about physical attraction, it is when you feel chemistry with your guy and this is not so difficult to get it. Isn’t it? But you want to connect with your partner.

On the other hand, the emotional attraction is basically a unique element which determines a man to determine to commit and make a relationship with you that is more than physical. With emotional attraction, you can bond your relationship. Now the question is whether this relationship will last for long? Is he emotionally connected with you? Let’s read on to know How to Get a Good Man who is emotionally connected with you.

  1. The old saying is that eyes are the windows of any soul. You can get to know whether he is emotionally attracted to you or not from the way he looks at you. You can define such look by a particular sincerity, calmness, and serenity. Even if you are in a group, he won’t keep his eyes off.
  2. If he is emotionally attracted to you, he will give you top priority in his life. No matter, how busy he is, he always wants to spend time with woman.
  3. When a man wants to make you part of his life, he will see a future with you. He will be happy to introduce with his near and dear ones if he really wants to stay with you.
  4. Just pay attention his behaviour when you both guys are in a group. How is his behaviour? Is he behaving different in the way he acts in the presence of other girls? Most women feel insecure when a man doesn’t open up or rarely talk about his feelings. Keep in the mind that actions speak louder than words.
  5. If your man knows what you like, he will go out to keep you happy. So, next time, whenever he sees, he will buy for you. However, it doesn’t mean that if you won’t do the same, he is not connected to you. He is kind and more attentive to you.

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