June 2021

Thinking of the Best Ways to Attract Men? Here’s the Answer!!


Are you looking for the best ways to attract men? Just conduct a little research on What Makes a Woman Attractive Physically! There are so many tried and tested ways to improve attractiveness. Some of them are universal. These days, most men attracted to women who are leaders and have ambition in their life.

If we talk about an attractive woman, she knows very well that physical beauty does not matter than inner beauty. To make yourself attractive, you should be confident, polite, and pleasant person.

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How to catch and keep a perfect man in your love life forever


Are you one of those single lonely girls who always ask herself How to Keep a Good Man in Life Forever? Believe you are not alone! This is very common among most women.

What are small and big things a woman must do to make a man feel that she loves to stay, love, and will never leave? This is certainly a big and common question that a lot of females ask themselves and it is a very significant thing to consider.

Sometimes boys just are disposed to leave for no reason, and the lady is just left all alone wondering a woman what happened. Such an unfortunate situation for women, but true!

With these indispensable instructions, you will recognize precisely how to keep a man in your life forever with love.

Be fully confident in yourself-:

Display the man you like how much you like, love, and respect yourself. Let him recognize that you are self-assured with the person you are and all the small and big things you can provide to him. Modern men like a bold, positive and confident woman, a woman who has her own objectives and values. Also, a man likes a lady who is totally comfortable in her own world. Most modern men do not like females who are unconfident and who vacillate when making selections and acting on a man.

If you believe this, then understanding How to Keep a Good Man in Life Forever will certainly become very easy for you.

Get him to observe you-:

Maybe the man you have interest in does not like you or has not come into your love life, because he has not observed you yet. If you have not made yourself a being there in his life, he will obviously never come to know who you are.

A friendly greeting like saying hello or passing a cute smile, or waving to him will let him notice you are there at least.

Look to realize that he has waved back, or accomplished something to reappearance the gesture. Get the man to recognize you, where you are from, your family or friends, your occupation, and so on.

In fact, the same goes for him. Get to know his comforts, hobbies, family, and friends, likes and dislikes, character, so you can create some type of connection.

Also, never think in a negative way, otherwise, you will never get the man of your dreams!!

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Great advice for getting and keeping a good man for a beautiful relationship


Are you doubtful or concerned about getting and keeping the perfect man of your dreams? Do you have a boyfriend or a husband in your life that you want to keep, or have just met a gentleman who you indeed like and want in your life?

Perhaps you could use a few simple but very effective tricks and tips on How to Get and Keep a Good Man and live a healthy and pleasant love life. So, please read on!

Give him a hint

The first trick is to give a guy a clear hint that you are interested, but without any desperation or nervousness.  You can become a little bit flirty but not too much. This will certainly catch his attention towards you. The man is after all fascinated by a pretty woman who has jolly nature.

Friendship first before anything else

Showing interest in him is good, but the flawless way to develop a long and lovely relationship with a man is to start it with friendship. Most men welcome friendship first while they are on the hunt for that special woman of their dream that they can spend their lives with. This is actually a very smart trick and beneficial for both men and women.

Positive attitude

Just like women, men also love women who are full of life and have a very positive attitude towards life. Maybe you are dealing with a lack of confidence, but it does not mean that you do not deserve a gentleman-like partner in your life. You should try your best to enhance your confidence level and your personality and just by doing little things, you will observe a great positive change in the personality that makes you fall in love with yourself.

In fact, if you want to understand What Makes a Man Attractive, you should ask your heart. Is it just a physical appearance that a woman wants in their life partner? Absolutely no!! Just like a man, women also want a life partner who is trustworthy, well-mannered, optimistic, educated, smart, and independent.

If you have all such qualities in you, you will certainly get a good and caring life partner very soon. In fact, there is so much to learn from the experience of couples who are living a healthy relationship. So don’t hesitate to talk to your mother, father, or grandparents about how to get a good life partner and keep a love life happy and successful.

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Smart Tricks on How to Find a Good Guy Online


Most of the women, even if they are highly educated and smart, do not know how to find a perfect life partner that will make their life complete and full of happiness. For some women, it is quite challenging to find a good guy because of the high standards they have set for their life and for their would-be sole mate.

Sure every woman would like to have a guy who is a complete gentleman, has charming personality, highly educated, rich, soft-spoken, and very caring and loving personality!

But they should understand that this is the real world and full of imperfections and flaws!!

So they are required to have some realistic standards when it comes to finding a good life partner. But by becoming more of a person that makes want and prefers, you can easily find a good guy for your love life.

With this in mind, here are some simple tricks and ideas on how to find a good guy. In fact, here we will also provide you great information about How to Find a Good Guy Online in a hassle-free way.

Actually, today there are so many well-known dating and matrimonial sites available that you can visit and explore in order to search for a suitable life partner for you. These sites are user-friendly and contain all basic details about both men and women who are seeking a life partner or boyfriend.

You can upload your bio-date on these websites with some of your pictures to make life partner search journey more easy and comfortable. However, always ensure to verify each and every information about a guy you find on such sites before approaching him.

To gather more information about How to Find a Good Guy Online, you can also take help from your friends, family members, and relatives.  You can even plan to approach marriage beuro or agents online to find a perfect husband for your love life.

Obviously, it is also essential that you have a great idea of the qualities you are actually seeking in a guy in your life. A lot of cases of break-ups and divorce are the consequence of incompatibility.  So it is very significant to know what qualities you want in your life partner. Recognizing these qualities will let you ascertain your compatibility for certain!!!

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May 2021

Nice Guys or Bad Boys: What Do Women Want?


We have previously talked about the confusion around what women truly want and their dissatisfaction in modern dating in our blog. There, we have explained how this creates a double-bind situation for men as well. Ultimately, this leaves everyone feeling afraid and hesitant to date even after they find someone interesting. The confusion leads to ideas such as “good guys finish last,” the friend zone, and hardships with friendships too.

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Underlying this confusion are the mixed signals and notions sent in modern society. Everyone is quite uncertain about what women want in a relationship. Is it the “good guy” who treats a woman well and takes care of her needs? Really? Or, is it the “bad boy” with his masculine body and bad habits that make a woman’s heart pound?

What Women Ideally Want

Our relationship experts explored women’s mate preferences. They gave married couples questionnaires that assessed their preferences for a mate, if not their spouse. Results indicated that most of the women in the study desired men with bad traits in the following ways:

Good Genes – Men who are more physically attractive, good-looking, fit, and good in bed.

Good Investment – Men who have high potential income, are highly educated and are older than them.

Good Parenting – Men who want to build a home and family are much more fascinated by women, who want to raise children, and are emotionally mature.

Good Partner – Men who are loving all the time

Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losers

Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losersis still not clear. Our researchers also found significant correlations between the women’s physical attractiveness levels with their expectations of male partners on each of the traits. They found that women who are a little more attractive than the rest want it all. Less attractive women, in contrast, tended to lower their expectations on all traits across the board, settling for a bit less in each aspect.

However, the experts hypothesized that depending on the situation, some women might employ a mixed-mating strategy. Rather than settling for lesser ideal traits in one single man, these women would mate with more than just one man. Usually, this would involve short-term sex, flings, single parenting, sometimes cheating, and more to get good genes from a fit man while getting investment, parenting, and financial needs being taken care of from another man. Such an arrangement of a relationship would most likely occur when 1) the woman was lower in her own ethics and mate value and could not secure an ideally good guy, and 2) her situation allowed her to have multiple partners without penalty or consequences.

Thus, women seem to want both the nice and bad boys, or maybe somewhat in between. Ideally, they want to have all of the mentioned traits in one man without growing to that level. If they cannot find a single man to fit the checklist, they might settle for less all around or mix-and-match between the two types.

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