May 2021

Women Behavior: How to Attract A Man


One of the doctors of personality psychology revealed that dating — especially for women — is challenging in the modern era. What might interest you, however, is why is that so. Women are in a constant double bind between the sorts of men they find attractive and the type they choose to attach to.  In this blog, we cover different ways how to attract a man.

Other experts also suggest a handful of reasons for involuntary singleness, including everything from not prioritizing dating enough to be too emotionally invested. As you see, venturing into the dating world can be pretty overwhelming. But, if you’re a single woman looking to crack the male dating code, you’ve arrived at the right place. And if you’re not single, we can’t fault you for being plain curious. Here are few behaviors that are scientifically proven to attract men the most. This may also help men find Single Women near me.

Be Kind

An individual is naturally adept at one particular behavior. A comprehensive study on the behavior of men suggests that kindness was “universally desired” by men. Just as women keep mentioning that they are looking for a kind and generous partner. Men are also looking for someone with a similar nature. The study further linked kind behavior to “a cooperative disposition, inclination towards long-term relationships, ability to form healthy social alliances, and much more. Therefore, it’s not hard to see why kindness is attractive. But could it be just that simple? It appears so.

Laugh more often

It’s not enough to think your date is funny or has a sense of humor; he also has to know what you think of his humor. A study performed by universities across the United States found that while both men and women are attracted to people who have a “decent sense of humor,” men tend to interpret this phrase differently. They’re not always looking for a funny partner, but one that can appreciate decent humor — or, more specifically, their jokes.

Letting your hair down

If you’re wondering how to attract a man, you should always consider letting them down. Using six hairstyles — short, medium-length, long, cluttered or messy bun, and more. The bottom line is, only two hairstyles, long and medium loose hair— “had a significant effect on ratings of attractiveness.” Additionally, men considered women with long hair to be healthier, “especially if the subjects were less interesting women.”

A Positive personality

Contrary to what you may consider, personality traits do matter. “Participants with positive personality were perceived physically attractive, no matter the body type,” the research highlighted, “whereas participants with negative personality perceived not so attractive.” Sure enough, this study suggested that by possessing positive personality traits, you could directly influence a man’s “perception of physical beauty.” Pretty wild stuff, wouldn’t you say?

Shop for him

While you may be lusting over a handbag, both men and women don’t find luxury purchases so attractive when their potential partners make them. As part of their study, participants were asked to read descriptions of a stranger’s purchase decisions, including whether the purchase was “eco-friendly.” The participants then reported what they thought of the stranger — including their “potential romantic interest.”

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April 2021

7 Easy Steps to finding the right guy


Men often worry about what makes a man attractive to women. However, there’s no ideal definition of the right man when it comes to women. Different women have different ideologies of their right guy. And to help you all, we have gathered a few points on how you can find one. The right guy for you is definitely out there. He’s hiding and is going to make it as difficult to find him. Here are some steps on how to find a right man!

Step 1: Make sure he exists.

Have clichéd movies screwed with your idea of the right men? Prioritize your turn offs, and don’t settle for anything less. As for the rest, try to be as flexible as you can.

Step 2: Stop trying to look for him

Yes, paradox is real. The harder you look for him, the more the universe will try to stop you. That doesn’t mean you should give up. And if there’s someone you’re captivated by, pursue him.

Step 3: Don’t let the bad guys tell you what to think of yourself.

Your ex screwed with you, and you are blaming all the other guys for him? That’s not fair. But it says nothing about other guys and how they are going to treat you in the future. It would be more unfair if you judge all the other men because of one loser.

Step 4: Get Rejected Quite Often

There’s nothing worse than getting rejected. You can’t let that cripple you.  Still, the quicker you get past that fear, the quicker you can open yourself up to meeting Mr. Right.

Step 5: Keep looking around

This is another way of saying let get off your phone. It is possible to meet people anywhere possible, so don’t stick to just one platform.

Step 6: Smile Better!

There is nothing more effective than a confident smile. Even if you’re plagued with a resting bitch face, you’ll have to work extra hard at turning that frown upside down.

Step 7: Ensure to follow the ‘Three Second’ Principle

In case you have a crush on a guy, you must take three seconds to figure out how you’re going to approach him. Ask yourself questions like why you like him, what you would talk to him about, etc.  Hesitating only creates self-doubt. Don’t get stuck on the “What” and “’ifs”

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Ways to Attract A Younger Woman


It’s often said how men are attracted to younger women. There have been multiple instances, literature, and movies made on the same. But why that happens is still a mystery. Some people believe that it’s the newness that younger women bring with them is that the older men were missing out. And that creates a sense of attraction towards young women. On the other hand, some people believe that it’s simply the opposites attract rule that makes it happen.

And this pattern is seen everywhere around you, including the world of movies. From George and Amal Clooney, Hillary Burton and Dave Morgan, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to Beyonce and Jay-Z, they all have been in marriages with a considerable age difference.

So, how to attract a younger woman? Let’s try to find out.

May-December relationships are becoming more common in the modern era. No one bats an eyelid seeing a young woman and older man with salt-and-pepper hair. There is something beautiful about this kind of pairing.

Here are a few tested ways to attract younger women.

Tip 1: Be Solid

Women are naturally more dramatic, and there’s always a lot going on in their lives. This is the number one reason why you need to let it go when a woman flips a lid on you.

Tip 2: Chivalry Wins

A lot of younger women do not truly understand what “chivalry” means. If you naturally open doors for women, pull out their chairs, and help them with their jackets, you are the cream of the cake! It’s a clear-cut signal you are respectful than all the other guys.

Tip 3: Prepare Yourself for Change

Your mind needs to be ready for the tremendous change when you are dating a younger woman. She’s probably still got a few years of figuring herself out. You need to help her grow and support herself in this.

In conclusion, we want to mention some straight facts. There are plenty of people who fall in love with younger women, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. Unfortunately, there is still some taboo around the same, and the society doesn’t quite accept it. However, to know about how to find and keep a good man for a happy life, contact our team and we’ll get it sorted for you.

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A Scientific Study Reveals Reasons why women choose bad boys more often!


Yes, you read it right. Women tend to fall for bad boys more often, and we have a scientific study to prove that. Many people believe that women are naturally attracted to find dark personalities more thrilling and attractive. Although conventional wisdom affirms that women should beware of the men who make them think they’re toxic ones.

A study proposed and led by Gregory Louis Carter from the University of Durham might have some answers. This might also lead to an appropriate response on “How to attract the right man?”

Research reveals that more men than women possess the Dark Triad personality traits – narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellism.  Hallmarks of narcissism include dominance, self-entitlement, and a grandiose self-view. Studies overwhelmingly show that narcissism is more significant in men, even across different cultures/religions.

Moreover, it is believed that narcissism may lead to short-term mating in men, as it involves “a willingness to compete with one’s sex, and to repel mates right after intercourse.”

In line with these abilities, narcissists are adept at beginning new relationships and identifying multiple mating opportunities. They are also less monogamous.

Now, the question of why women choose bad boys and losers after all?

To investigate, Carter and his team presented 128 female undergraduates with descriptions of two types of men. One of them was the Dark Triads, and the other is the controls. The high Dark Triad includes a desire for attention, admiration, and prestige; the manipulation, exploitation, and flattery of others; a lack of morality concerns and sensitivity.

The controls, however, were utterly contrasting to the Dark Triad personalities.

What did the study find? Why exactly do women choose bad boys and losers more often? Women actually found Dark Triad personalities way more attractive than the controls. This answers your question precisely.

In conclusion, this study leads to a growing body of research unveiling women’s desires. On the one hand, women express wanting a relationship with a loving and committed partner for the long term. On the other hand, however, they show attraction to men with darker personalities, typically for a short time. It is critical to recognize that the demands of evolution have shaped this dynamic. Also, for the women who fall for bad boys—and the men who love them—these insights may help untangle this paradox.

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