June 2021

Some proven ways on what makes a man attractive to a woman


Having beautiful relationships with parents, grandparents, kids, siblings, relatives and friends give us real joy in life. Without any doubt, all these relationships are very important and valuable in our life. However, there is one relationship that adds a matchless joy, happiness, and peace in life and that is a relationship with a life partner.

Not only women faces lots of challenges in finding and keeping men in their life, the challenge is almost the same for men also.

Knowing what makes a man attractive to a woman is a great plus point in the love and relationship playing field. After all, you cannot just unseeingly fumble your tactic to a woman’s heart. You may end up getting a tight slap on the face or maybe stuck in any other problem. Above and beyond, there is no such thing as bad fortune in the game of love.

Good career and successful life:

Needless to say but every woman wants only a successful man in her life.  A modern woman can live alone but cannot live with a man who is not successful. Women want men who can fulfil all their needs and desires. However, it really does not mean that all women want a rich man in their life. They just want a man who is capable to handle all the responsibilities in a positive and hassle-free way.

Strength and status:

Strength and status make a guy very attractive to a woman. There is not even a single doubt about it. Men must know the right way to display their strength. You do not have to have great muscles or a six-pack to impress a girl. You just need to have great strength to handle any unfortunate situation with full bravery that may harm your woman.

Having a good status is also very important to impress a great woman. But for this, you need not be a great celebrity. It all means that you must have a good reputation in the place where you work, in your neighbourhood and also in your family and relatives.

To get a good idea about What Makes a Man Attractive to Women, you can also talk about your mother, your grandmother, your sister or your female friends. These people will give you exactly the right information about what every woman wants from her men. You should also read our other blogs to get tricks about how to attract a woman!!

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Some basic and clever rules to find a true love partner for marriage


The typical statement “Love is in the air” is the most favourite statement of all couples and also of people who are seeking a life partner. But unfortunately, it is all about destiny! However, if you try your best with full positivity and trust, you will certainly end up getting a partner of your dreams.

Have you been wondering on How to Find Love Partner who is lovable and honest? Are you excited to know how to find the right lover? Do you desire for that day to come when you will say, with full confidence and pleasure that “I have finally found my soul mate “?

People are unremittingly braving the pursuit of love expecting to find a good life partner predestined for them. Some go through much misery before accomplishing their long-awaited lover while some never achieve to find the one. Nevertheless, this should not dishearten you in hunting quests in searching for your future husband or wife.

Here are some highly beneficial tricks on how to find a good and reliable life partner that will end your quest and fill your life with love and positivity.

Be friendly – The first good step on how to find a love partner is being approachable. If you wear a snob or unfavourable face, most of the males around you will undoubtedly hesitate to talk to you. It will gainsay your goal of meeting new males and recognizing if they are worthy to have a place in your life.

So next time you go out, especially at a social gathering or party, wear a cute smile on your face and send an invitation message to a guy you like in a decent and positive way.

Be different – One of the best tactics on how to find a perfect life partner who will add positivity, love, and excitement to your life is by being a little bit different from the rest. Be different in a good way that you get the attention of a good guy.

Try to be fascinating and be fully confident about yourself. When you demonstrate these great qualities you will certainly have a guy interested and hooked on your allure. After all, a man is a big fan or a devotee of an attractive woman.

To get more ideas about how to find a perfect life partner, you can go through our other blogs available at our web portal.

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May 2021

Nice Guys or Bad Boys: What Do Women Want?


We have previously talked about the confusion around what women truly want and their dissatisfaction in modern dating in our blog. There, we have explained how this creates a double-bind situation for men as well. Ultimately, this leaves everyone feeling afraid and hesitant to date even after they find someone interesting. The confusion leads to ideas such as “good guys finish last,” the friend zone, and hardships with friendships too.

Read more to know about men here- How to Find a Good Man eBook.

Underlying this confusion are the mixed signals and notions sent in modern society. Everyone is quite uncertain about what women want in a relationship. Is it the “good guy” who treats a woman well and takes care of her needs? Really? Or, is it the “bad boy” with his masculine body and bad habits that make a woman’s heart pound?

What Women Ideally Want

Our relationship experts explored women’s mate preferences. They gave married couples questionnaires that assessed their preferences for a mate, if not their spouse. Results indicated that most of the women in the study desired men with bad traits in the following ways:

Good Genes – Men who are more physically attractive, good-looking, fit, and good in bed.

Good Investment – Men who have high potential income, are highly educated and are older than them.

Good Parenting – Men who want to build a home and family are much more fascinated by women, who want to raise children, and are emotionally mature.

Good Partner – Men who are loving all the time

Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losers

Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losersis still not clear. Our researchers also found significant correlations between the women’s physical attractiveness levels with their expectations of male partners on each of the traits. They found that women who are a little more attractive than the rest want it all. Less attractive women, in contrast, tended to lower their expectations on all traits across the board, settling for a bit less in each aspect.

However, the experts hypothesized that depending on the situation, some women might employ a mixed-mating strategy. Rather than settling for lesser ideal traits in one single man, these women would mate with more than just one man. Usually, this would involve short-term sex, flings, single parenting, sometimes cheating, and more to get good genes from a fit man while getting investment, parenting, and financial needs being taken care of from another man. Such an arrangement of a relationship would most likely occur when 1) the woman was lower in her own ethics and mate value and could not secure an ideally good guy, and 2) her situation allowed her to have multiple partners without penalty or consequences.

Thus, women seem to want both the nice and bad boys, or maybe somewhat in between. Ideally, they want to have all of the mentioned traits in one man without growing to that level. If they cannot find a single man to fit the checklist, they might settle for less all around or mix-and-match between the two types.

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Why Are so Many Smart Women Still Single


It is a complicated and harsh world out there, especially for women with opinions. Women who go on multiple dates and several partners are often associated with bad character. However, the second school of thought mentions that smarter women tend to analyze their options carefully and then go for the right one, even if it is the option to stay single.

Many experts are still working on the question “Why are so many smart women still single” and try to develop a specific theory of their own. After analyzing the mating preferences of more than 5000 men and women through a research survey, a “Clooney Effect” is being observed in the country. Based on Helen Fisher’s statistics, men often look for smart and intelligent women as their partners. However, 87 percent of single women are likely to be brighter than average. They also tend to care less about ‘how to keep husband happy or related things.

Our modern dating coach and experts also suggest that ambitious and high-achieving women may sometimes struggle to have good romantic lives. They believe that this is major because they are used to approaching their dates with more masculine energy. This means that they apply what they learned at work is to be more careful in their dating lives. But relationships can’t be achieved this way, as said by majority of our relationship experts.

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The Rise Of Single Women Over Decades


Spend a little time with some smart, single women, and you’ll be grateful you’re not them. The relationship scenario is even more dismal today. Most women want serious relationships that end up in a marriage, but many of the men they meet do not necessarily want the same. All too often, a woman moves on with another guy, hoping they’re on the road to a mutual relationship.

However, single women are not looking for the right guy. In case you want to know how to find and keep a good man, you may contact us right away! But wait. Hasn’t online dating made the market more accessible and way easier? Yes – but not for too many women.

In a nutshell, over the past years, the typical relationship exchange is no more accurate- it’s broken down. It used to be a scenario where men and women each had something the other one truly needed. Men needed access to sex. Women needed access to resources. Men couldn’t get easy access to sex unless they had some help to offer, so they worked hard for them. The partnership between two people was a grand bargain that (usually) left both sides better off.

Sex got easy to find because of three important technological developments: the advent of the Pill, which excluded fertility from sex; the onset of mass-produced, high-quality porn; and the intrusion of online dating sites- making it easy for men to find consensual sex partners.

Sexual liberation is a great thing – in some ways. On the other hand, it can also turn men into louts because women don’t really expect much in return for access. Today, most men may have all the sex they want for minimal cost – no fancy dinner required.

Women complain that marriageable men (good steady providers) are harder to find than ever. The success of the marriage rate is falling steadily, especially among the lower middle class.

Men don’t have to prove themselves as financial providers anymore. They can get all the sex and girlfriends they want without it – including online porn on demand. Contact our experts to know more about why are so many smart women still single.

Believe it or not, women have always been the gatekeepers for sex – not because they don’t like sex, too, but because men’s sex drive is innately higher.

Since the women’s cartel collapsed, their bargaining power has seriously eroded. That’s why so many single women hate online dating platforms, which have further commodified sex for the benefit of men.

Modern society has abdicated mainly from the real job. “Good husband material doesn’t occur naturally, but is instead the product (in part) of socialization, development, and social control,” one of our relationship experts writes.

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