Signs You’ve Found A Good Man

You don’t need a relationship expert to tell you how crucial it is to read between the lines and pick up on some signs that indicate the person you’re with emotionally is a good guy. But, the question is, how to find a good man, how do you know he’s going to be in this for long, or that he is a keeper? According to our research and experience, here are some sure-shot signs that would tell you that your man is a great guy- and that you should stick with him.

  1. He is your biggest fan, just like your mother.

You are the utmost priority in his life, and he’s always looking out for you. He supports you and your dreams, aspirations, encourages you when you are feeling down, and keeps you focused. He is just there for you, without you having to remind him.

  1. He initiates intellectually critical conversations with you. Even if you don’t have an idea about the same, he will educate you instead of judging you. That’s because he doesn’t like gossip or talking about other people. Instead, he initiates conversations that last, stimulating your mind, such as new ways to look at a situation/or making a mark in the world.
  2. He listens instead of just waiting to talk back.

He’s your first go-to person whenever you want to talk to someone when you’re sad or want to share an experience. Such as an experience about work-life, about a feeling, or anything else. You used to call your friends; you don’t feel the need because you are satisfied once you talk to them. In case you have issues in understanding  what makes a woman attractive to men, feel free to contact our experts.

  1. He lets you rant away.

Sometimes you want to rant your feelings away and have someone there by you to listen. A good guy always tries to look at things from both perspectives and then comes to a conclusion. He is patient and stays put with you no matter how long you stay upset. The only thing that makes him sad is that you are frustrated and not happy.

  1. He speaks his mind – without offending people, respectfully.

You see, a good guy has high self-confidence and still is completely humble. He knows his self-worth and doesn’t agree with everything you might have to say. He is more than happy to let you have a share of it and to discuss opinions. However, he speaks his mind in a calm, composed, and respectful manner.

  1. He admits he’s wrong whenever necessary.

It’s not in him to blame or try to maneuver out of a situation when he knows he’s on the wrong side. He admits when he’s wrong, apologies when the situation calls for it, and tries to make up for it whenever required. He knows to err is human and to make mistakes is entirely normal. They are opportunities that help you do things in a better way. There’s no shame in that.

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