Signs – Your Girl is Not Interested in you anymore

We always talk about what makes a woman attractive to men, but seldom the opposite. You may often feel that you’re in the middle of a never-ending meaningless relationship that has no meaning. For a relationship to last long, love is not the only requirement. If your love partner cares for you but seems disinterested, here could be some of the reasons why.

The way your love partner looked at you at the beginning of a relationship would send a warm tingle down your spine. But what would happen when the honeymoon phase is over, and things start to go south?

Here are some of the signs your partner is not attracted to you anymore.

No more fun:

You guys go for quiet walks or talk about a book dully or show you are currently into work. Everything is pleasant and warm on the surface. But if they don’t make you feel excited anymore, things would not be the same. They might also start thinking of ending things with you and looking for ways how to find a good guy online. This is the time to spark things up. It would be best to plan something you would look forward to, maybe taking some trips or hobby classes.

You bare see your partner’s name on your phone:

You see less of your partner’s name on the screen unless it is to ask ‘what bread’ or give an update like ‘Meeting at 6 pm.’ In case your partner is dutiful in keeping you updated about everything but doesn’t talk to you without reason, it could be a sign they are not that attracted to you anymore. If each call they make feels like an obligation, you need to spice things up a bit.

Things get awkward more often than before:

Earlier you could do the silliest thing and hear your better half-laugh. But now, things get more awkward than ever, especially when the two of you are together. You still talk about important stuff and have an overall quality time. But if they are reluctant to try something new, they could have very well put you in the “done everything possible with you just let’s just chill” list. This is the time when your significant other should start adding to that list.

Their patience is not the same anymore:

If they often find reasons for an eye-roll that mocks your ideas or way of doing things, it’s a sign of reduced attraction and increased disrespect. You can love someone and still think they aren’t all that sorted out. What you can do here is to talk things out and try building your relationship all over again. Contact our experts to know everything about how to find a good guy online.

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