Signs You Have A Perfect Boyfriend

The truth is there is nothing like a perfect boyfriend. So let’s call this guide ‘perfect for most.’ We all want to know how to find a good boyfriend. We also know the likes and ideas of a partner may vary for people. Hence, this list is curated based on feedback from multiple people, keeping in mind the basics of a healthy relationship.

We often desire to be accepted in our lives, especially when in a relationship.

The most crucial factor in any relationship is love being a mutual denominator and that past problems are not getting in the way of the current connection.

Here are some signs you have a perfect boyfriend. With him, you can finally start to think about how to build a healthy relationship.

  1. He listens.

First of all, all a woman wants is to be heard. They want values, opinions to be validated. The qualities of a good boyfriend would definitely include calmly listening to what his girl has to say.

  1. He really is into you

It really means that he is intrigued by you. His actions would reflect that. When your boyfriend realizes that his life is better with you, it’s time to take the relationship to the next level.

  1. He speaks about his feelings openly.

Even though society gives us the impression that all men need to be “strong,”; real men let their guard down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with men expressing their feelings, especially with their special ones. He shares his past, fears, and desires.

  1. He accepts all of you.

This might help me with one of the most important aspects of any relationship. He accepts all of you- the good and the bad. He lifts you and lets you know that you are perfect in his eyes.

  1. He supports your ‘alone’ time

A healthy relationship should not take up 100% of your time. Everyone has their particular interests and hobbies in life. The perfect boyfriend supports you in doing things on your own.

  1. He is interested in your interests.

He is genuinely interested in what you enjoy.  He wants to know what excites you and makes you feel alive in life so that he can support your happiness.

  1. He makes you laugh.

Not every boyfriend has to be a comedian, but an ideal boyfriend does have a good sense of humor. He is playful and loves to joke around with you.

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