Signs That You May Be in a Codependent Relationship

The term codependency is often used, but what does it mean when it comes to romantic relationships? Codependency works differently in romantic relationships than it does in association with other arenas. Because of several reasons, it is harder to tell if a relationship is codependent or not. In the hustle of always thinking of how to keep your man happy, you can sometimes lose yourself. This is what codependency does to you. This is also why are so many smart women still single.

Healthy relationships thrive on support, but what happens when it impedes your individuality? This article covers a few signs that your relationship may be codependent.

Sign #1: You can’t make any decisions without your partners’ inputs

Asking for your partner’s opinion is healthy, but not deciding anything without them is unhealthy. You probably have come to a stage where all you seek is their approval. This may happen because you do not feel confident enough to make any decisions.

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This hampers your personal growth entirely.  When others always make decisions for you, it makes them have the upper hand and takes away any space for self-improvement.

Sign #2: You do every little thing together

When you first met, you probably had individual hobbies and interests. But now you only rely on each other’s company for doing anything at all.  The transition into new relationships can perturb the frequency at which you engage with others, but it should not discontinue altogether. In healthy relationships, each individual may have their own set of friends and interests.

Sign #3: You are afraid to deny your partner anything

There could be varied reasons why you feel reluctant to say “no” to your partner- fear of rejection, you may feel like their love is conditional, or you experienced abuse in the past.

“No” is not a bad word in a healthy relationship. If you observe that you feel anxious when you deny your partner, it could be a clear sign of codependency.

Sign #4: You feel responsible for what they do

In case you start to find yourself making excuses or feeling guilt for your partner’s actions when talking to people, this is a clear-cut sign of codependency. Please note that you are only responsible for your actions; no one else’s actions are a reflection of you.

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