Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships bring out the best in you- making you feel good about yourself. A healthy relationship doesn’t mean a “perfect” relationship, and no one is healthy 100% of the time. Still, these signs below are behaviors you should strive for in all of your healthy relationships.

They manifest themselves as healthy communication; another essential part of a healthy relationship is to love yourself.

Here are some characteristics and traits on how to build a healthy relationship.

Comfortable and Steady Pace

The relationship moves at a specific pace that feels enjoyable for each individual. It’s usual to want to spend a lot of time with someone when you first meet them, but you must be both on the same page with how the relationship is moving forward. In a healthy relationship, you’re not rushed in a way that makes you feel changed.


You must be confident that your partner won’t do anything to hurt the relationship or you. Trust comes quickly in a healthy relationship, and you don’t have to question your partner‘s intentions. You will always have their back and vice versa. They very well respect your privacy and would never put you through loyalty tests.

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You can be candid without fearing how your partner responds. In a healthy relationship, you must feel like you can share the whole truth about your life and feelings with one another – you never have to hide things. They may not like what you need to say but will legally respond to bad news.


You have space to be your true self outside of the relationship. The other person should support your hobbies. The other person doesn’t need to be involved in each part of your life. Having freedom means being independent to do you and giving your partner the same.


You value each other’s beliefs and love one another for who you are. You feel comfortable setting boundaries for each other and are confident that the other person will respect them. They cheer for you when you achieve a milestone, support your hard work, and appreciate you.


The relationship feels well-balanced, and everyone puts the same effort into the success of your relationship. You don’t let one person’s preferences dominate, and instead, you make adjustments when you don’t want the same thing. You feel like your needs and interests are just as important as the other person’s. Sometimes you might put more in the relationship than your partner, but the outcome always feels even.


You are caring and empathetic towards one another and provide comfort. In a healthy relationship, the other partner would do things that they know will make you happy. Kindness should be a two-way street–it’s a give and takes in your relationship. You show love and compassion for the other person and the things they care about.

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