Reasons Why Smart Women Stay Single For Years

You’ve probably asked your gorgeous friend so often why she prefers being single for so long. She might joke around about it, but the roots of the problem are much more profound. Several smart girls prefer not to be in relationships. About 50.2% of Americans are single, which is approximately 124.6 million people, and there is more single than married women in the US.

Here are some of the major reasons why are so many smart women still single:

  • Modern women are independent.

Since times have changed, women have started becoming more financially independent. With that revolution changing the way we look at women today, we must also realize that women now want nothing from their partners but love and loyalty.

Women no longer need to ask men anymore for help with physical work because they can call for services.

  • Women have started respecting their time and freedom.

Instead of cooking at home for a family after office work, women today prefer to spend quality time with themselves. It seems more important to go to a spa, shopping, or take a class for self-development.

  • Women are more emotionally stable.

Women have become more emotionally stable and way more educated than a decade ago—the array of opportunities that le in their way affects their psychology and lifestyle choices.

  • Women like the idea of alternate relationships

Unlike the cliched norms of how women should be in relationships, modern women are all set to try out their options. Women can live as we see fit. Nobody judges them like before when they pick a partner of the same gender or have a free relationship.

  • Women no longer want to stress on How to Keep A Man Enjoyable.

When women became more financially independent, they no longer needed men to take care of their demands. And thus, women no longer care about what a man wants – or what keeps them enjoyable. Their efforts are now going into maintaining the high standards that they earned for themselves.

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