Reason Behind Most Smart and Intelligent Woman Being Single

It is often found that many incredibly intelligent, smart, and independent women are single today. They are attractive and lead a great life but does not have a romantic partner. With woman becoming self-sufficient and fierce, it becomes difficult for them to find some who helps them evolve and grow.

A strong and smart woman would never compromise. They know what they want, and they do not shy away from leaving a relationship that does not make them happy. This is why are so Many Smart Women Still Single and yet comfortable with being alone.

High Standards and Preference

When it comes to standards, it does not mean money or class but someone who treats them equal and love irrespective. A strong woman always prefer a partner who is not threatened by her fierceness. When a partner does not respect a strong woman, she leaves after a point.

She does not need a prince charming but someone who supports her. An intelligent and smart woman mostly are single as she needs a partner as equal and not someone to save her. Most woman are used to being on their own and this makes them difficult person to be with.

Lose Interest and are Easily Bored

  • In many cases, it is often seen that such woman are carefree and driven by a strong career which makes them lose interest in a man easily.
  • Why are so Many Smart Women Still Single is a million-dollar question? They date men and easily fall out of the zone.
  • When the partner is not fun and interesting, they tend to get bored and go back into their shell of loving their singlehood.
  • A lot of self-sufficient and highly ambitious are scared of the word family and having kids.Marriage is a big factor to turn them off and lose interest.

Does not Put up with Nonsense

Gone are the days when men will men was a phrase globally accepted. Today women does not put up with nonsense and the moment they feel they are not valued, they leave. Most smart and intelligent woman have strong self-respect and they will not stay with liars and manipulators.

Most woman now-a-days will not be with a guy who treat them like option. Smart and intelligent run their own show, they are kind and compassionate, but will not any guy meddle with their life. Most woman who are independent and fierce are self-occupied and does not have space for anyone.

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