How to manifest the man of your dreams

One usual problem that women face is that they think they have it all figured out. Most women don’t even realize that until they turn to their spiritual path. In this blog, we cover a few of our experiences and tips on how to attract the right man.

To attract a different kind of person or the right person, you have to be willing to think and behave differently as a whole. Think about it this way: If all you’ve ever felt and done has led you to date one jerk after another, it’s going to take doing something different to manifest a different outcome.

Dating is just another arena of your life where you can fall into the trap of patterns, and it’s not until you become present to those patterns that you are able to step out. For example, when you are committed to the inner work, you need to become aware of your wrong guy patterns every time. Identify the way to have a counter system built for the same.

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You likely have habitual patterns of thinking that you’re probably unaware of. In case you want to attract the right guy, you’ll need a roadmap to help you uncover why you’re unconsciously sabotaging your love life. Here it is:

Step 1: commit to mindfulness practice.

The most initial step to attracting the right man is to sharpen your ability to listen to intuitive guidance. Try to understand what your gut says to you about the guys you date and the relationships you are trying to get involved in. This gut feeling and intuition, as they call it, would help you in the longer run as well.

Step 2: Do the inner work

You may be carrying pain from the past: trauma, fears, and memories of your past relationships. Your past bad relationships may be the primary reason why your present relationships don’t work, or you don’t find the right man.  You need to deal with your history to ensure you have a better present, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

Step 3: Understand what you need in your relationship

Once you’ve sorted your priorities, you should understand what you want in your relationship from a guy. Different people could ask for different qualities. For some, it could be honesty, and for others, it could be communication and transparency. Sorting yourself out will clearly help you build a good relationship.

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