How To Keep Your Man Interested Through Texts and Messages?

Women specifically don’t understand how men think. Pandemic or no pandemic, most of you don’t know how to text because you stay stuck in your heads, doubting instead of being yourself. As much personality as you have, why can’t you relax and wrap these men around your fingers? This is the time to be making these men fall for you, and here you are, struggling to know how to keep your man interested. You’re better than this!

Why do you freeze up when messaging a man you like or shrink your personality? Because this fear of being judged still controls you. You’re intelligent, sexy, silly, and fun to talk to, right? But you assume that men will see you as too goofy or too dull and quickly move on to the next chick. Therefore, you try to be calm as fuck to impress him or go the laid-back route hoping that he applies pressure. In the end, you’re not going to get anywhere with that kind of weak-ass attitude.

So here are ways that suggest how to get a good man:

Be Aggressive – After you get done asking how his day was, and he asks how your day was, what else do you have to talk about? I’ve seen DMs that were dry as fuck, yet a woman tells me, “I like him; it’s just hard to get him to open up.” You sat there and asked about work then wondered about some producer battle.

Now it’s silence. Why are you crushing on someone who can’t even hold a decent DM in the first place? Because you like him for shallow reasons. If you are determined to get to know a man deeper, then take some initiative. Instead of waiting for him to write back or waiting for the next day when you can break the ice again with a “good morning” or “how was today,” be aggressive!

Be Random as Fuck – Once you two have developed a text-based relationship, drop the formalities of waiting for him to check-in or waiting for a new day to start up a recent conversation. The same way you message your friends just because you should do the same.

Chasing him is begging to see him. Pursuing him is hitting him up repeatedly when he’s only giving you one-word responses. afraid to be aggressive, and you’re going to give them the upper hand to succeed where you fail because you have this stubborn attitude about how much you should interact with men.

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