How to keep your husband happy

A happy marriage seems like a fairy tale, especially to our generation. Many of today’s wives keep complaining left and right about their husbands’ shortcomings. So, you must be thinking about how to keep your husband happy to make things a little better.

“Our role is not to fix our husband but to reflect the wrong in the marriage. The game changes when wives make it their aim to bring joy to the wedding. Once the realization steps in, it’s all about what have I done for you lately and not what you have done for me? Instead of being disappointed in your husband’s deeds, you may experience peace knowing that you are doing him good.

And guess what, you can attest that respecting your spouse and practice makes him happy when you start respecting your spouse and tradition. He will turn around and love you just right back around.

Here are the best ways how to keep your husband happy:

Make love a top priority

Women understand that sexual fulfillment is the most critical need of a husband. But do your actions show that you know it? Maybe you’ve taken care of the kids, made dinner, and even endured his favorite movie. Compared to the other women, you know, you’re doing quite well. Yet you may not be paying attention to his sexual needs.

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Make your home a heaven.

When your hubby walks in the door, he should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. He’s finally home. Think of how you can greet your husband in different ways every day. Make your house a place where your husband wants to come back.

Respect all your man’s needs.

What your husband needs is perhaps what you have discounted. It may be sexual, quality time, the cookies, or doing activities together. It would help if you did not get defensive when your husband voices a definite need. Listen instead and act positively to meet that needs in the best way possible.

Let your man lead

The idea of being submissive has many women up in arms. The New Testament talks clearly in three passages that we wives submit to our husbands as unto the Lord. This doesn’t mean you become a doormat. What it means is that you should respect your husband’s role as the leader of the family.

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