How to Keep a Man Happy

Some of us are great at the chase, but not so good at the kill. In other words, most women know how to get the guy, but when it comes to keeping him, it’s a different story. Once you’ve impressed a guy and wooed him, and you both finally come down from cloud nine, what’s next? How do you keep a man interested and show him that your worth keeping around, especially once he realizes that you’re not perfect like he thought you were?

Well, being yourself is always a good place to start, but there are other things that you can do to keep a man by your side, help him to really appreciate you, and take that step to commit. A good man wants to share his interests with his partner and/or someone he’s talking to. Learn more about the things HE likes and I guarantee you’ll see a 75% increase in men wanting to be with you long term no matter what you look like.

Human nature is complex and so are relationships too, always changing and extremely delicate. Everyone hopes for long-lasting relationships, some marriages last to a golden jubilee celebration and some can’t even last for a few days. These are a few simple guidelines which can help. Respect for each other, trust & clear communication are keys in order to enjoy and build a long-lasting love connection with someone. However, a relationship can’t last with the one who actually didn’t want one in the first place so make sure both parties want and desire the same thing. Here are some ways a woman can keep a man happy.

Trust-Trust is a binding factor in any relationship (or potential partner); don’t go on a hunting trip on your partner speculating about a friend, neighbor or colleague. If you have serious concerns about any illegitimate things, have an open conversation with some respect.

Have an open mind– This is one of the MOST important factors. Having an open mind about the choices and concerns of your man (and/or potential partners) will help mold any relationship. Even in the bedroom, try NEW these, types, positions, approach sex with a relaxed approach without being judgmental.   Learn to speak a man’s language.

(For example: If a man wants something to eat then fix him something to eat. If a man wants his dick suck, then dammit, tie your hair back in a ponytail and suck his dick till he nuts!!!! (Shrugs) I mean if a/any REAL man is doing what he is supposed to do as a MAN then it is the woman’s job to “cater to his needs” and make him feel like the man he is and the ONLY man in her life. Men are really NOT that complicated as some women may think they are. Once a woman has determined a man’s language, the woman can tailor her affections to his needs. When a man knows he is loved and feel loved, the man will be more likely to reciprocate and shower her with the affection she deserves in return as well.

Also learn to be easy going (meaning don’t be too “nit picky”) about every single thing. One of the BIGGEST things most guys can’t stand is a nagging, nitpicky woman. Quality guys want women who are easy to talk to, get along with and can make them laugh from time to time. Real men want to feel appreciated and valued and not feel inferior or controlled. Make it a point of saying “thank you” from time to time of the things he does for you.)
Partner should be Priority– We have busy lives, office, kid’s school, household chores and these things keeps most people super busy but still, you have to make your partner feel very special regardless. Few small gestures like sending a text or cooking or baking his favorite snack once in a while will keep him feeling special.
Support system– Act and work like a 24×7 support system for your partner. In terms of his goals, encourage him if he is up to something new. Fully support him during his tough times, men generally don’t discuss their pains and problems easily so make him feel comfortable and let them open up to you about his problems. Give your full moral support to him as when needed or required.
Respect yourself too– Self-esteem is also very important, don’t let it go down at any moment. Taking care of yourself is very important otherwise it can lead to burning out. If you respect yourself, you will be confident, and it will prove worthy of a long-lasting relationship.
DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT use sex as barter– Sometimes a woman have to initiate sex with a man. It is not like he has to initiate it every time. A man cannot read a woman’s mind like some women may just “expect” guys to do.  Also, don’t make him feel like sex is another chore of the day. Don’t NEVER withhold sex from him due to having some very “petty issues” with him. That is really the dumbest thing a woman can do because think about this for a second: What stops a man from going out and getting sex elsewhere because his woman is trying to hold it to teach him a lesson? Now some women may say, “well if he cared about me then he wouldn’t do that”, well if a woman cared about him then she wouldn’t do silly things like that either. Two wrongs don’t make it right. If anything, sit down and talk with him about the issue to prevent other means.

Sex is NOT a barter thing, on the other hand, sex (with substance) is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Sex (with substance) keeps a person alive and makes them feel on cloud nine. Sex with substance is also a good stress reliever too believe it or not.
Respect the Family-show empathetic behavior with Parents and siblings of your potential partner or man. Same goes for his friends. In this manner you can learn and earn a great deal of respect for him.
Surprises– From time to time, try to give him little surprises. It might be in the form of a very small gift, his favorite meal, his favorite cologne, his favorite pen or something he might have been craving for a while, things like this will always help a relationship or connection grow.
Body confidence is the key: – Ever increasing age, hormonal changes, few lines, and scars over the face, or gained weight, don’t let any of these hinder your confidence. If you feel insecure about something about yourself then simply change it. Shutting sex down due to any lack of confidence in oneself will lead to killed relationships. Having self-confidence is where everything starts and the key to success in any relationship.
Break the monotony: -Just try to break the monotony every once a while, by going out for movie, dinner, etc. A small outing, a long drive out of town somewhere, etc these things keep the relationship interesting. A very boring relationship will eventually get very unhealthy.
Don’t intrude– By this I mean, don’t intrude in his personal choices or hobbies (watching “the game” and/or playing sports, etc). Don’t create hurdles in the way of him pursuing his hobbies, in fact, be of any help you can. This will create a compansionate space in his heart and he will love you for this.

Give him some space

Unless you like the same thing he likes (which is actually better but if not), then give him some space. You can help to keep a man interested by simply giving him SOME space. A man needs some alone time, or at least time to pursue his hobbies and interests that you might not share. This is one of the main reasons why some men have “man caves” so they can get away and/or give them a sense of therapeutic solitude. Pick a time each week when you each do something on your own separately or with your friends. It’s always important to maintain your own friendships even when you’re in a relationship.

Cook for him-There is a common saying that, ‘the way to a man’s heart is his stomach”. So try to cook his favorite food, he is surely going to love you over this and some good ol’ cooking for a/any real or good man will always leave a lasting impression.

True genuine LOVE is something that should create a special bond between two people. Your behavior (things you do, don’t do, not willing to do, etc) also impacts the mental status and helps to improve the overall dynamic of the relationship. Always remember that a REAL relationship is a partnership.

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