How to Have Relationship Goals

In order for a woman to find and keep a real man, it is very important to have relationship goals with one. A woman must figure out and decide on what is the goal or goals of the relationship. What I mean by that is the woman and her man (and/or potential partner) need to sit down and talk about their long term goals together. Because sometimes people’s intentions might be totally different. One might want one thing while the other might want something else.

Most of the time whenever people meet for the time, they’ll talk about what they currently do but rarely talk about what they WOULD LIKE to do (in terms of their future goals and how it relates to having a compatible partner). Always remember that “relationships” is not just about love itself, finding true love is a team effort and about building something OTHER than just love itself. The process is always under construction. When it comes “growing”, some women who are single may think that they have to be by themselves in order to grow by themselves but this is not always the case. A person cannot grow by themselves well they can but it’s always better to grow with someone of similar value than without someone at all.

Since the goal of most women (especially ones who are single) is marriage and some women may say “I’m waiting on God to send me a good man, real man OR husband”

Well question: How does a woman know if God hasn’t already TRIED to send her one of those? Keep in mind that God sends people in our paths for various reasons but at the end of the day, as the old saying goes: “they will either be a blessing or a lesson”. Women just have to be smart enough to recognize the difference between a keeper verses a loser. Some people come into our lives for just a season. Some women may not believe that real or good men ARE actually around. And single women that ARE looking will completely pass by them all the time and not even know it (in this context, God sends them to women all the time). I think where it gets frustrating to women NOT finding a good man, real man OR husband is most are looking to try and change all the wrong ones INTO a right one. Either that or most single women are subconsciously not interested in finding and keeping a man who will again, subconsciously help her to grow herself (which is somewhat out of a fear and/or insecurity). Change can be hard for the content and challenging for the comfortable but however, most of the time for single women who truly desire to find and keep a good man, it is mandatory and necessary.

Relationship Goals with someone is not so much about simply two people just “getting married” which a lot of women believe is the end goal and that’s all. “Getting married” is a goal don’t get me wrong but it’s actually a lot deeper than just that. Marriage is kind of like going to college. College is a good place to start your life but however after you go, you realize that it is a completely new and different journey ahead of you AFTER you go. Marriage is the same way. It is just the journey of starting another journey. So in other words, relationship goals are about working together for an even bigger payoff. For example: it could be getting a house together, building a business(es) together, investing your incomes together, traveling together, having children together, etc. But I think the biggest focus is that one word “together”. When it comes to relationship goals, the journey should never stop. Two people should always be making plans on how they can continue to grow together (AND on the same page) because if not then boreness and stagnation will begin to form in the relationship. Also in order for “relationship goals” to work, both parties have to have the same long term focus.

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