How to find a good guy online- Real Women Share Their Tried and Tested Tips.

When it comes to building relationships or about how to find a good guy online, things are seldom as easy as they should be. From trying to look where to meet nice guys to navigating a romance, dating can often feel like too much effort and too much to handle on your own. So, we gathered some smart and savvy women (our experts) to give us their takes on modern dating.

If fear of the unknown guys has kept you from ever signing up for an app, we hear you. Dating apps don’t have a good reputation for supplying men you might actually be able to date.

But here is the secret: Several women who have signed up on dating apps have met nice guys! We’re not saying these women have landed on any one magical app full of dateable men and good dates. But with a discerning eye, they have tamed Tinder and are meeting men who share their desire for a relationship.

Choose your photos wisely.

We were talking with some experts who are also girlfriends and one of them told us that she gets messages from men on a specific app for hook-ups and flings. She was bewildered. She uses the exact specific app and had never once had a man inquire about a sexual rendezvous. So what you need to do is highlight the right kind of app. Be selective with your dating apps.

You might not be a huge dating app connoisseur, but what worked for some women is being selective. Rather than trying too hard to set up a profile on every app out there, choose a few to make your mark. You would drive yourself crazy if you try to put your net everywhere. Instead, focus on the dating apps that show whether you share any connections with another guy. These are often your best bet for finding a good guy.

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You should be immediately skeptical, having heard lots of not-so-great tales from others. While friends talk to one another about the guys they meet, it’s often necessary to share experiences. One such incident happened when someone showed his profile to their friend along with the messages he sent. She encouraged her to go, so long as they met in a public place- keeping her cell phone nearby. Long story short, she went on that date, they fell in love, and they’ve been happily married for two years.

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