Follow The Most Powerful Ways to Attract Men to Find The Right Guy

Most people think that attractiveness is all about physical appearance. But the recent study shows that our personality is much more important than how we look. The evidence reveals that men find physical qualities very attractive as compared to others. So, what best features you should highlight to catch the attention of your dream guy.

  1. Make Your Personality Good

First of all, you should become an active listener. For this, you should not judge or interrupt the people who are talking. Ask questions to let him know that you are taking interest in his talks. Give him short verbal signs for instance, hmm, yes, etc.

  1. Give Honest Feedback, but respectful

Tell your guy what you think, but in a respectful way. Don’t insult him or what he thinks. Might be, he will appreciate your honest feedback because you have your views and the courage to give your opinion.

  1. Share with Him Your Interests and Passions

When you are sharing your passions and interests with your guy, you don’t be afraid to let him know what interests you. Also, don’t forget to ask him what his interests are. It will help you to bring yourself closer to him.

  1. Show Your Care

Do small things to let him know how caring you are. For instance, if there is a party, ask him whether he needs some snacks or drinks. Show how supportive, loving and caring you’re.

  1. Improve Your Physical appearance

The research shows that physical appearance plays a key role in an initial attraction of man to a woman. Make your appearance good with youthful facial features, good skin, or trim figures.

  1. Seek Your Personal Style

Express your personality than make a copy of someone else. If you don’t have any idea what is your style, just find out inspiration in fashion icons. This is good to do experiments with different looks to explore yourself.

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