Don’t Just Chill Together, BUILD Together

Women universally know that most guys (like 95%) just want “one thing” from them and that is to sleep with them. A man will fuck you but he won’t necessarily love you. Now if a woman’s goal is to seek long term sustainable love then she needs to cultivate interest to a man OUTSIDE of just great sex. Also, if a/any woman IS to sleep with a/any man then the biggest key thing for women is to ONLY focus on sleeping with the RIGHT type of men. What I mean by that is, men who are about SOMETHING and/or actually DOING something in life (being real productive men) other than just a random, typical guy that just wants one thing (getting some ass). The sad part about it is, there are a lot of women in America who waste their time AND pussy with all the WRONG guys! Guys who they already KNOW are dead weight, don’t have no job, no ambition, no goals, no nothing and will still sleep with them. I personally can NEVER understand why women sleep with guys who cannot contribute to anything. I mean the old saying is true, “a person can do bad by themselves”. I mean seriously, a/any woman who does this is MUCH better off sleeping with a man of means, substance and resources because at least the woman can get SOMETHING of value out of it rather than just a wet ass! IF a/any man wants to just “chill” all the time with you and nothing else then he is the WRONG man ladies! A good man will automatically help a woman to grow. Real men want and value BUILDING with a woman and this is what a good woman needs to seek IN a man anyway.

Some women have the game all wrong……………………..

Whether it be friendly casual encounters or potential relationship encounters, women (especially single) tend to fail at “qualifying” real men. They usually go straight TOWARDS the losers (subconsciously). In other words, they’ll associate, talk to and/or date the guys WITH the MOST fucked up backgrounds and not even realizing that their own circle choice of men becomes a reflection of their own value. It is NOT logical for women (especially single) who are looking for long term security and stability to go after a/guy who has like 8 felonies and a ton of kids from various women BUT unfortunately it is the reality for some women.

The number #1 thing that most women value in a/any man is security and/or stability. Dating a man is like choosing a President because women have to elect the RIGHT president and with the RIGHT credentials. A smart woman evaluates a man’s track record of character and not necessarily his swag. A smart woman not only values growing herself but values a “real” or “good” man that can contribute to helping her grow even more. I tend to hear that from time to time from women (especially single) who say “I’m not going to settle” but unfortunately, that is exactly what a woman does when she “chills” with dead beats instead of actually building something with real men. Everything in life is a choice and choose your circle of men wisely ladies.

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