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Weird but true, many modern women dump their good and gentleman-like personality boyfriend or a life partner for a bad boy or loser type person!!

Do you want to know why some women like boys who have a bad reputation? Once you understand this you can actually improve your relationship a lot. Actually, there are many reasons for this!

Some women want to be with someone who is totally different, someone who is absolutely opposite of themselves. Many good and modern-day women are often attracted to men who love living in an intoxicate lifestyle way because at some point of time they start feeling bored with their simple lifestyle and as an outcome want to be a part of that edgier world.

That is why they often get attracted to a bad man who lives an intoxicating or similar lifestyle. In fact, many good men also tend to fall for style personality women. Such a situation provides a sense of joy and excitement that a person cannot feel if she or he is going out with the same personality type as her or his.Other than attraction, there are many more reasons Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losers. Have you ever been out in a nightclub and see a bad type man having beautiful girls surrounding him?

Does that just makes you amazed or surprised? Well, many women love these kinds of guys.

One of the most common qualities of a bad or a loser, man is how straightforward they are. Whatever they want to say to a woman they say it in a very straightforward manner without any delay. There is no hesitation, no shyness, or no negative attitude. His words and actions are very clear when he wants to do a friendship with a girl.

The key reason why this works perfectly well sometimes is just that, deep down, many girls these days want what the bad boy is giving but unfortunately a shy guy never gets to the point.

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