7 Ways To Make Absolutely Sure He Falls for Your Hard, and Stays

You, woman. We feel your pain. You must always keep thinking about what makes a woman attractive physically to men, but what’s more important is that you know how to attract a man emotionally.

So, you’re ready for something more than just a fling. You want a real relationship with true emotional connection. Well, you might be surprised at the steps to take to aid you on your journey for how to attract a man emotionally.

How to Attract a Man Emotionally

“Stock the fridge with his favourite drinks. You would get some bonus points: Bring him back to his fraternity days by handing him a cold one as soon as he steps out of the shower.” He will be sure to fall for you then. If he does not, soap the floor.

  1. “Make him a snack after sex. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal—a simple grilled cheese will do.” After sex, feed him a sandwich or milk and cookies, the nutrition of children and Santa Claus. This also makes him believe that he will be safe, no matter what.
  2. “Text him about the latest online gossip of his favourite TV show. You don’t even need a BFF at HBO. Just share relevant links from your Twitter feed.” Ensure to put a few clues in this “gossip” to keep the spice up.
  3. “Brag about him to your friends, family, strangers you meet and everyone possible—whenever wherever.
  4. “Being open to what he wants to try in the bedroom and out. An open mind is attractive no matter your playground.”
  5. “Letting him help solve your minor work problem. Most men like to fix things.”
  6. Have meaningful conversations with your man

Not every event or suggestion or conversation needs to be philosophical and deep, but at some point, you will need to have a meaningful conversation. It could be about family, your dreams and your career. You must be honest, open and willing to listen. He needs to know you on a personal level if you want something more to happen.

In conclusion, you must urge him to take a lead on most cases of your relationship. You are the huntress, must take control of the relationship once you find your ideal man. You may still contact our experts to know what makes a woman more attractive to men.

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