7 Easy Steps to finding the right guy

Men often worry about what makes a man attractive to women. However, there’s no ideal definition of the right man when it comes to women. Different women have different ideologies of their right guy. And to help you all, we have gathered a few points on how you can find one. The right guy for you is definitely out there. He’s hiding and is going to make it as difficult to find him. Here are some steps on how to find a right man!

Step 1: Make sure he exists.

Have clichéd movies screwed with your idea of the right men? Prioritize your turn offs, and don’t settle for anything less. As for the rest, try to be as flexible as you can.

Step 2: Stop trying to look for him

Yes, paradox is real. The harder you look for him, the more the universe will try to stop you. That doesn’t mean you should give up. And if there’s someone you’re captivated by, pursue him.

Step 3: Don’t let the bad guys tell you what to think of yourself.

Your ex screwed with you, and you are blaming all the other guys for him? That’s not fair. But it says nothing about other guys and how they are going to treat you in the future. It would be more unfair if you judge all the other men because of one loser.

Step 4: Get Rejected Quite Often

There’s nothing worse than getting rejected. You can’t let that cripple you.  Still, the quicker you get past that fear, the quicker you can open yourself up to meeting Mr. Right.

Step 5: Keep looking around

This is another way of saying let get off your phone. It is possible to meet people anywhere possible, so don’t stick to just one platform.

Step 6: Smile Better!

There is nothing more effective than a confident smile. Even if you’re plagued with a resting bitch face, you’ll have to work extra hard at turning that frown upside down.

Step 7: Ensure to follow the ‘Three Second’ Principle

In case you have a crush on a guy, you must take three seconds to figure out how you’re going to approach him. Ask yourself questions like why you like him, what you would talk to him about, etc.  Hesitating only creates self-doubt. Don’t get stuck on the “What” and “’ifs”

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