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Hi! Welcome to the How to Find and Keep a Good Man website for women! In this website you will find valuable and informative articles on how a/any good single woman will find a good single man.

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A Few Reasons Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losers

One of the top questions pops up in everybody’s mind Why Women Choose Bad Boys and Losers such as emotionally wounded, womanizers, alcoholics, partiers, etc. instead of selecting good guys? Why do women find them

6 Proven Ways to Have a Happy Marital Life

Today, there are so many women who find themselves unhappy with their relationships. They don’t have any idea how to keep husband happy and have a great marital life. If you are feeling the same,

Build a Healthy Relationship with These Top Tips

A healthy relationship, no doubt, can increase happiness, reduce a high level of stress, and improve overall health. A recent study shows that if you have a healthy relationship, then you can have less stress

women seeking men

Finding The Right Man

Finding the right man could mean different things to different women. The word “find” is like another word for “seek” or “pursue”. In order to find something, you have to actually SEEK it. Things will never happen by just “waiting” for it. A lot of times, single women tend to think that Mr. Right will show up at their doorsteps as if they were a Fed-X package but it just doesn’t work that way. Finding the right man is universally all about identifying your own individual desires and then going out to pursue and match those same desires with a man (some call it compatibility).

women seeking men

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